"What makeup would you recommend for asian skin?"

Asked by: tellmeybnormal

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  • Maria Alyssa

    The best make-up products that are perfect for Asian skin are L’Oreal and Maybeline. I both use those products. I assume your a bit tan like me so for foundation go for their Honey shades.
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    • tellmeybnormal

      Hey Maria. Thanks for responding!!~ I have an odd skin colour unfortunately.

  • Dana

    I reckon any brand works as long as they have the shades and colours that suit you. Just go up to the makeup counter and start swatching away, find what SUITS you. Don’t get it even if you really love the colour but it looks terrible on your skin. I find that Bobbi Brown and MAC caters for practically all ethnicities. Just tell them what product/look you’re after and they’ll help you out! :)

    • tellmeybnormal

      Hey Dana!
      Really appreciate your response.
      I generally use Bobbi Brown + Mac !
      Looks like we are loyal fans like most other girls.

  • Elly

    I am Asian as you can probably tell from my profile pic. I use Estee Lauder!
    But every brand in the DJs and Myer have heaps of colours and you can get it properly matched.
    I bought Maybelline foundations but I always got the wrong colours by myself.

    • tellmeybnormal

      Thank you for responding.
      What products do you use from estee lauder?
      I’ve actually never used maybelline foundation.
      I’ve only gone with their mascara.

  • boo

    Whilst I’m not Asian, I have very pale skin!

    I love MAC makeup as they have such a large range compared to most other makeup brands! They even have light to dark is a variation of skin tones (you know how some people have a yellow based skin and other pink?!)

    I bought one of their liquid foundations about a year ago – I still think it is the closest match to my skin colour I have ever gotten!

    • tellmeybnormal

      Thanks for that!
      What kind of skin care routine do you use?

  • Mandy

    I find that the body shop has a great mineral foundation that is great for the natural look with a light feel. They introduced a new 00 shade made just for asian light coloured skin and it is one of the few mineral foundation/powders that don’t contain bismuth oxychloride which is bad for the skin. If you would like to try it on, just pop into the body shop stores and they will give you a complimentary make over to allow you to feel what the products feel like on.

  • Louise

    I am using MAC Studio Fix Fluid .. but I mix the shades depending on the seasons. I absolutely love it as it gives me great coverage ! Sadly MAC don’t do samples …

  • sexylady

    Asian skin is naturally beautiful. Maybe if you must, a nice lippie or eyeshadow/mascara!!

  • Zerotolove

    Great advice! x

  • Caro28

    I use lippy and a bit of mascara. No foundation!!

  • troon13

    Estée Lauder…ask the sales assistant to apply shades to match closely with your own.

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