Q&A: Help! I can’t find…a decent pair of jeans that fit.

"Ok so i have hips, and when I buy skinny jeans I end up having to buy a larger size but then I have no ass and they seem to be too loose on my legs. So does anyone have a suggestion of what brand I can buy to avoid this?"

Asked by: Kayla


  • Rose says:

    Hi Kayla, try to opt for jeans that have elastane in them. They tend to stretch better and give you a great fit. This will stop them sagging too much. I know Miss Sixty and Guess have a great range of elastane skinny jeans

    but if not, you could always pop into Just Jeans/Dotti and ask the sales assistant for a pair. In fact, I have a great pair of good fitting jeans from my local surfshop (Roxy), also elastane and they fit wonderfully.

    Good luck!

  • DDGD - Kate DDGD - Kate says:

    Hi Kayla,

    I have that problem too. I’ve found that Country Road jeans are a good shape for me (although they do give at least half a size, so you need to get them nice and tight to start off with). I also used to wear a lot of Bettina Liano jeans, but then they just got too low cut!!

    Also Joes Jeans and Hudson jeans seem to be a more flattering share for us child-bearing-hipped ladies. And you can also look into getting some custom made like these ones – http://dropdeadgorgeousdaily.com/2011/06/indi/

  • boo says:

    So, I have a booty and have similar problems in finding jeans!

    I just found some great super skinny jeans from Jeanswest about a week ago!
    Bargain price – $109 for 2 pairs!

    And they fit really really well! I was really surprised!
    I have so much trouble finding jeans that fit properly (I have length and butt to consider) I usually end up looking more towards the more expensive brands figuring they will fit better so was pretty stoked to find these!

  • jasmine says:

    unfortuantly the sizes are different with every brand, so the best thing to do is try them all on, i have wider hips too and struggle to find brands that accommodate everything and fit snuggly so i usually hunt at savers for a wide range or cheap jeans in different brands

  • Kayla says:

    Well I tried Levi’s new jeans that are you can choose a slight curve, deep curves etc. I then tried Country Road as suggested by Kate, so unless I can find better I’m going to get them!

  • Lauren says:

    I have the same issues, but the Levi’s demi curve jeans are an amazing cut and well priced and last a decent amount of time!

  • I’ve got the exact same problem as well! I have soo many pairs of jeans that I dont wear anymore because they have stretched and are now too loose to wear.
    The best I’ve found are Lee skinny jeans, they dont have that annoying stretch after an hour of wearing them either!

  • troon13 says:

    Try Jag. They actually cut for a female shape.

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