Q&A: What to wear with a black and white striped maxi skirt…

"I purchased a black and white striped maxi skirt in the weekend and I'm wondering what to team it up with so I don't have to wait until summer to wear it. Any ideas would help!!"

Asked by: Gemma


  • laladaniiexo says:

    Hi, im so glad i saw this i recently got myself a black and white stipped maxi and i am having trouble paring it up for summer.

  • laladaniiexo says:

    I pressed enter without finishing this, but i have paired mine recently with a white top and a cropped long sleeve denim jacket. If that helps!

  • jasmine says:

    in summer it would look great paired with a croptop! for winter i would add a short fitted top and cropped jacket or cardigan

  • misspriluvsu says:

    summer- coloured tank, bright everything shoes, bags, thongs
    winter- ballet flats, wedges, cropped leather jacket, plain v-neck three quater sleeve in a bright colour underneath?

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