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Summer is approaching fast and I've lost a bit of weight, but all the fat I lose quickly turns into muscle again.

Is there any way I can just look thin?

Posted by: rls

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  • Peta says:

    I’m not a professional in this area, so please anyone correct me if I am wrong. To lose fat you need to burn more energy then you bring in (i.e. exercise more eat less). When you exercise more you tend to put on muscle (as you use your muscles to exercise!), but it is REALLY important that you do exercise to stay healthy. Don’t just diet and be unhealthy and thin. If you are trying to not build too much muscle it is probably best to do cardio: running, swimming, bike riding etc. Things that get your heart rate up without putting on too much muscle. You will tone up a bit doing these things though. I think a bit of muscle on a girl looks good anyway, it is nice to see people that look fit and healthy :-)

  • DDGD - Kate DDGD - Kate says:

    Actually the more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn, and muscle is what gives you a nice girlie shape (unless you are talking crazy body builder muscles, but that’s not that easy to do).

    If you just want to lose fat, apparently going for a brisk 40-60 minute walk first thing in the morning, before you eat, is really great. It’s what Hugh Jackman did to trim down for Wolverine. And Anne Hathaway did it for Les Mis. And my male friend who is right into his gym stuff suggested it too. Then the rest is really about diet.

    Here’s a good article I read recently on fat vs muscle – http://www.stkildafitnesstrainer.com.au/blog/2012/07/12/your-scale-weight-body-size-explained/

    I hope that helps! xx

    • DDGD - Kate DDGD - Kate says:

      And I just wanted to add, that I am no professional on this either, but I am getting married in 7 weeks (eek!!) so have been trying lots of different things xx

  • amber says:

    Velocity diet works amazingly but you need real commitment and staying power and its not very healthy.

  • GraciRose says:

    I try to have a really healthy diet and to exercise everyday, but there are those days where despite everything you still feel icky and bloated. On these days I hit up the green tea or hot water with lemon slices. I find that it just takes away the water weight and stops me from looking pudgy. I know its not so much losing weight, but it does help you feel better about yourself! Also, instead of the gym I do dance classes as I’m never working the same muscle group (stops me from over-working one muscle group) and it allows all of my body to work out without me being conscious of it. Dancing is also a super fun way to stay fit and lose weight. Absolutely love it :-)

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