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I have been curious in trying The St Tropez Bronzing Mousse? Is it really worth the splurge? x

Posted by: alizajayne

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  • laladaniiexo

    I have really fair skin and St Tropez is all i use! Its well worth the splurge, but it can be streaky depending on how you apply it, its spending that lil extra and buying the st tropez mit to smooth it on! Its the only fake tan that hasnt made me look orange, and plus victoria beckham uses it 😉

  • makeupmaven

    It has it’s pro’s and cons.

    Pro’s: the guide colour is a helpful tool, and it dries pretty quickly, its a green based tan, so you’re not going to turn orange.

    Con’s: the smells is awful, just awful, I always apply it at night and my BF refuses to be in the same room :) Also its not the best for dry skin, I would always recommend a cream. Then it comes down to the price…there are SOOO many other brands and tans out there that are just as good that you could use… (ella bache cream tan is my fav)

  • Jessie Briggs

    It’s definitely worth the extra $$, I was using Le Tan spray but St Tropez bronzing mousse is 10 x better! I dont find it smells anywhere near as bad as anything else on the market and it dries really quickly. Only drawback for me was that it wasnt quite dark enough on my chest/neck area so it really needs two coats but one coat is perfect for winter :)

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