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Hi Lovely Ladies,

I'm hoping you may be able to assist me.
So I'm heading to India & Bhutan in Oct/Nov, there may be some trekking involved so I will be taking proper hiking boots but I wondered if anyone has any recommendation for some comfortable everyday shoes?
I always get myself into the situation where I go travelling and do a stack of walking and my shoes drive me crazy!
I've tried converse before but they just aren't comfortable, I've tried some reef cute flats but they dig into the sides of my feet.

Has anyone had some success with some cute shoes that also serve well in the comfort stakes??

B x

Posted by: boo

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  • thecatwhosawstars says:

    I would recommend popping to a Camper store as they have very comfortable cute shoes. They are a Spanish brand. Not cheap but very hard wearing.

  • GMeers says:

    Well I always swear by a good pair of Doc Martin’s; the normal street wear ones are great but they also make great walking shoes, very comfy, not as heavy as the street shoes, leather so durable and waterproof, but still stylish. Just wear them in before you go away or you could get some rubbing in the early days!

  • Rebecca De Aguiar says:

    I have a pair of Krotens which I got from Paul Carroll and they are so comfy, plus I think they’re cute! I got them earlier this year and wear them a lot – when I’m going to be doing lot’s of walking or just when I’m going out and want a simple shoe. I have a black pair but they come in lots of other colours too. I brought mine in-store but if online is your thing, here’s the link:

    I do like converse but agree with you that they hurt after a while so maybe this will be a better fit for you like they are for me!

  • terri_berri says:

    Lacoste always has some nice simple slip-on ballet-like sneakers that are great for travel, which I swear in when I am overseas. They look nice with jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses so I highly recommend you go in for a look. Otherwise as tehcatwhosawstars said, Campers are great too, but some I find you need to break into them first before they are drop dead comfortable!

    • Asta Chow says:

      Definitely bring your hiking boots. But for the casua/going out option I’d look into getting a pair of Mox. You can dress them up or down and can go anywhere with them without looking inappropriate. Even get them wet! It’s like a cross between wearing a pair of Havaianas and Crocs, without needing the toe grip and over casualness of thongs and the clunkiness Crocs! I have gone everywhere with them and love them! Best thing is they don’t take up room and are washable.

  • Vel says:

    Try a pair of Mox shoes. They are on sale at the moment on the Drop Dead Gorgeous bargain buys page – 50% off! They don’t need wearing in as they are comfy from the moment you put them on. Plus they can be worn in the water, at the beach. can be easily washed if they get dirty during your travels and are cute enough to wear with dresses or pants.

  • boo says:

    Thank you for all your suggestions ladies!!

    I decided to try out a pair of the Mox as with the awesome discount made them super cheap. They arrived today – my, my, aren’t these the bizarrest feeling shoes, but my goodness so comfy and stretchy!!! I’m a bit excited to try them out (and not like the trend I was going for just now, over my black stockings! LOL!).

    First impressions are good ones, I’m hoping it continues for a comfy full day wear!! 😉

    • jessikins says:

      They do look cute. What colour did you get?

    • boo says:

      I got olive.
      I would have preferred sherbet or liquorice but they were really low on stock and there was only olive or brown in my size! I’m not much of a brown girl but the olive colour is cute!

  • jennlouiseau says:

    The Skechers Go Recovery range are good too, I can walk for hours in them.

  • Lucy Margaret says:

    I usually wear military boots. They only have an eeny weeny heel so theyre comfortable and they’re also really durable. AND they go with heaps of outfits so its win-win-win-win-win

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