Uploading Items to Dshop – Issues still???

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Is everyone still finding that uploading to Dshop is still hit & miss??

Sometimes it works for me but other times, like today, it just isn't happening!

Kate do you know if there are still issues??

Posted by: boo

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  • DDGD - Kate says:

    Hi Boo,
    Today it seems to completely stuffed actually, and we are working to fix it, although just so you know we are also working on a complete re build to hopefully iron out the hit and miss issues.



  • Kny says:

    Im having issues on and off all the time, usual problem is that it just takes soooooo long! – and sadly I cant even go to another page while it uploads, as if I do, it dissapears and I have to start over again.

  • DDGD - Kate says:

    Working again… but yes, it takes a little while to submit on the final screen. Hopefully rebuilt shiny new one won’t be too far away, and it should be heaps, heaps faster! x

  • boo says:

    I assume I’m not alone but I still have probs!
    It seems you can add a handful of items and then it crashes every single time!
    Seems whenever I’m on a roll at finding things!

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