Vintage Knit Crop shirt…what goes on the bottom?!

I bought this shirt a couple months ago from a vintage store, it's beige in colour, a knit and has cute little pearl detail around the neck...but I cannot find anything to wear on the bottom that doesn't make me look chubby because its such thick material. Suggestions?

Sorry about the image quality too, the material has a shine to it and well... I'm not exactly a photographer




  • fashionartiste says:

    If you’re brave enough, vamping it up Wheels & Doll Baby style would look awesome!
    Something tight on the bottom half will balance out the chunkyness of the cardi/shirt, you don’t want too short though or else it will make you look shorter. Maybe a nice fitted pencil skirt of some slim fit cigarette trousers.

  • Beauty Crew - Tiffany T says:

    i agree with the comment from fashionartiste! if you wore some skinny jeans in either dark blue or even black it would balance the top out nicely too 3>

  • Tamara Loves Shoes says:

    I love the shirt-under-jumper look paires with man style shorts/pants. That could work?

  • jasmine says:

    tight leggings/pants or an a-line skirt, they would go great with it and wont make you look larger than you are

  • vavoom says:

    I think that would look cute with a dark pair of denim skinny jeans.

  • trishaboo says:

    Try a high waist pencil skirt with stockings.

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