What colour booties are you wearing with black leggings???

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I'm shopping for black leggings this weekend, possibly panel ones, but wanted some advice about what colour booties to put with them.

I know the obvious choice is black but I kinda like the tan bootie with black leggings, as it breaks up the colour a little. I don't mind dark brown with black leggings either but I know that breaks all the' traditional' fashion rules.

So how are you guys styling this look?

Thanks and happy shopping! :)

Posted by: Brides

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  • terri_berri says:

    I think black leggings and tan booties goes well. As you said, it breaks up the black on black combination. I am quite picky when it comes to black leggings with black booties, as I need them to be a true “black” black, not a “grey” black or “navy” black otherwise you don’t get the matching black, which looks more strange.

  • Peta says:

    I agree with terri-berri about the “true” black booties with black leggins. It looks strange when the colour is just slightly off. Any other colour booties go well though, I have grey and purple ones that I wear with black leggins all the time.

  • Tess says:

    Also consider trying an almost black, or slate grey. This will help keep the look streamlined and avoid “cutting” your legs off at the ankle the way a conversely differently colour might. Have fun shopping, and I reckon go for panelled for a bit more fun for your fashion buck :)

    • Brides says:

      Agreed Tess!I think panelled leggings will get a huge workout this winter.

  • Tess says:

    How funny, didn’t read the other responses properly before I replied, seems I’m of differing opinion on this one!

  • Kendelle says:

    I like grey boots as an alternative to black, however, this winter I went for a bit of a change as to work I wear mainly black/cream/dark colours (purple, blue, green) so got bright sunshine yellow boots. Wore them first time on an overcast day and it just lifted my outfit!

  • terri_berri says:

    Rather than leggings, have you considered wearing opaque tights or woollen tights? Adding a pair of patterned tights are also very cute with any coloured booties.

    At the moment, I am on the hunt for a pair of leopard faux fur or snakeskin booties to go with my black outfits. Something a bit different to the mainstream block colour.

  • GMeers says:

    I just bought some faux leather leggings from ebay – cheap cost and probably cheap quality but I thought they’d be worth a go. They come in about 10 different colours/prints; i went for matte black and shiny black-purple :) I’m going to wear them with my blue-purple colour-block high-heel booties :)

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