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Hi Guys,
Im new to this and I was just wondering if someone could please explain what swag is and how it works.
Much appreciated

Posted by: karina

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  • DDGD - Kate

    Hi Karina,

    Firstly welcome!!

    And as for the SWAG, it’s basically a user rewards system. As you add posts/comments/chat in the forum and even when you just check in each day you earn points (DDG$) and once you’ve earned enough you can swap those points for SWAG.

    Hope that all makes sense now,


  • Elly

    SWAG is where you can recoup your DDG dollars and it’s like a shopping heaven where you get some really cool stuff.

    Welcome :)

  • Zerotolove

    I’ve just joined! Really excited about the prospect of some goodies, rewarding my fashion news obsession, haha. Might help curb my online spending too! (As if!) x

  • dnm

    i am also enjoying all the tips, tricks… and all those questions i had answered!

  • vavoom

    I love the idea of the SWAGG shop! I can’t wait to have enough points to buy something!! : ) Exciting!

  • anniehbay

    It’s great! You have fun looking around on this website while earning points and then getting to spoil yourself! Just waiting to get enough points !!

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