What nail polish colours are in for Autumn?

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Hi girls,

What nail polish colours are in for Autumn. I would like new colour options! :)

Posted by: Gem

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  • plaxyplaxy says:

    lavender (gum drop) and mint (minted) by revlon, full of pastely goodness!

  • o0flawless0o says:

    I agree, definitely purple shades. Revlon have a few fab ones :)

  • stella galanis says:

    Last week I was into BRIGHT YELLOW and everyone kept commenting how hot it looked, but this week it’s DARK BLUE and it looks hot! it’s not quite as confrontong as black nail polish.

  • Jacquelinee says:

    I’m loving deep purples and wine red. :)

  • rhiannon1993 says:

    I think red, dark purples and gold.

  • GraciRose says:

    i love a dark red for autumn, always looks good. the darker shades coming through this season like the blues and the purples are also an unexpected touch of glam on the finger nails and look really good, especially if you get the gel ones applied- they last for weeks and stay so nice and shiny!

  • vavoom says:

    I love neutrals for Autumn but then again, I’ll break the rules and go for something that suits my mood too. Sparklys are good in Autumn too I think!

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