What SWAG is everyone hoping to win?

I have my heart set on the purple ASOS bag... what is everyone else aiming for???

Posted by: Tara

Posted in: shopping-forum

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  • nettyballs says:

    that is an awesome bag! I am going for Disney Couture ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Skull Flower Ring :-)

    • Sammie T says:

      Oh, I love that one too (although I am a loooong way off it:)

    • Kerrie says:

      I want ALL of the Disney Couture stuff! But like Sammie T, i’m also way off.

  • Elly says:

    I wanted the tights since I am so freezing!!

    • Dana says:

      Oh, I was aiming for that one too. But since you’re in dire need of it. You can have it! :) You certainly have the DDG$ to trade in for.

  • monisme says:

    I wanted the House of Harlow Starburst necklace but literally got beaten to it by about 3 seconds!

    • DDGD - Kate DDGD - Kate says:

      Oh no Mon, that’s heart breaking. Fingers crossed the lovely Ben at House of Zoi sends up another one 😉 Hint… hint Ben!

  • kristinalouise says:

    Bloom Lip Gloss pack! I actually sampled a friend’s one and they taste AHHHHHMAAAAZZZING!

  • Bianca-Rose says:

    I’m intrigued by the latest one, the makeup pack. I really like natural makeup brands and am always on the lookout for new ones to try!

  • Zerotolove says:

    I can’t decide! x

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