Whats some good skincare products for sensitive/dry skin!!

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My skins really dry and sensitive .. I can never find a cream that doesnt make me itch .. It annoys me ! I also have really dull fatigue looking skin..

Posted by: anniehbay

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  • beautybabe says:

    You could try MooGoo. Their products are made specially for sensitive/problem skin. I have a couple of their products and LOVE them both! They feel sooooo nice on my skin. And they’re 100% natural and full of skin-loving ingredients. Also, the price is quite reasonable. I definitely recommend them. (:

  • Samdri says:

    you could try QV products from the chemist they have a sensitive skin range.. I love dermalogica its good for sensitive skin too!!

  • Tess says:

    I too can verify the goodness that is MooGoo, you will probably have luck with their moisturiser. You can find their range is some health stores and the occasional chemist but you’d have best luck online.
    I have sensitive skin which has taken me years to find the right products to use on. Cetaphil has been the best cleanser I’ve found to combat reactions, you can find that at any chemist and it’s brilliant value for money.
    You could also try a serum or rosehip oil to bring back some luminosity. I use Estee Lauder Idealist serum and love it to bits but it is a bit pricey. The rosehip oil would be a great budget friendly option.
    Good luck :) x

  • anniehbay says:

    Thanks guy ! would you be able to link me to some online stores where i can find this MooGoo ?

  • Tess says:

    Whoops! Totally meant to do that, here you go :) http://www.moogoo.com.au/

  • vavoom says:

    A friend of mine swears by Aveeno body creams which she uses all over her – her face and body as they are non-comedogenic.

  • Tríona says:

    Hi, I have quite dry skin too and I found oils really help, I’m using Trilogy Rosehip Oil but they have a new one out called Trilogy Rosehip Oil antioxidant+ which is supposed to be better for sensitive skin. For me anyway, I use it under a normal moisturiser at night and my skin feels plumper and not at all dry after a few days. Really good for dehydrated skin

    • LadyInLace says:

      I’ll second that. For a less expensive option Sukin do a certified 100% organic Rose Hip Oil. Works really well to make skin tone more even and lock in moisture.

  • sunflowerp says:

    Hi, my sister has the same problem and she uses Aveeno (as comment above) and she loves it. She also uses Kheil’s eye cream and has no problem with that :)

  • karzwholovescupcakes says:

    Hi, I have quite dry and sensetive skin but I don”t want to spend a fortune on my skincare routine. I have found that the Aveeno Clenser for sensetive skin is really great. I also really like the Palmer’s Moisturiser, I find this really works for my dry skin. :)

  • troon13 says:

    Lashings of sorbeline…it is the basis of most modiste risers and is pure so won’t irritate sensitive skin. This is the inexpensive solution…

  • makeupmaven says:

    Ponds cold cream is an amazing cleanser, its very old school, but it will leave your skin feeling soft, not tight. Its safe to go over your eyes. most importantly its cheeap!! I think Dove has taken over it now.

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