What’s your favourite mag?

I use to love reading Vogue and admiring the items that I could never afford but I would often sneak a peek at trash mags like Famous...what do you like to read?

Posted by: Elly

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  • Elly says:

    How come someone has posted spam?? I don’t think clwoo6 should be a member if she/he is posting spam.

    • Kayla says:

      I emailed to let them know about the spam as I found it other places too.

    • DDGD - Kate DDGD - Kate says:

      Thanks guys! We’ve deleted it all and will look into it more next week x

  • Kayla says:

    I don’t know how they got spam on here Elly, but to answer your question I really like Frankie and Yen magazine. Frankie have also just announced they are releasing a mens magazine and i’m excited to see what that will be like despite not being their target audience lol.

    • Elly says:

      Thanks Kayla! I thought the spam was weird.

      Awesome, what type of mags are they like? Fashion?
      I should check out Frankie and Yen!

    • Kayla says:

      Hey Elle, they are like fashion/lifestyle but are a little arty, thats the best I can describe them :)

  • Dana says:

    Hey Elly, I like Marie Claire. :) I like reading Cosmo as well ’cause I find a number of their articles funny. And when I feel like I should be doing something more productive/intelligent, I read TIME. 😛

  • boo says:

    I subscribe to Marie Claire.
    I like it as it has some pretty cool articles.

    Though (and I may get shunned here!) I’m a little over all magazine’s being full of ads (1) and (2) so much high end fashion that you can’t afford! I almost want to rip off the back part of the magazine! Except for the last couple of pages – I like their mini biography’s on some pretty interesting people!

    If anyone can recommend any mags, that would be great!
    (obviously not full of fashion or trashy celeb articles, really not my thing)

    • DDGD - Chalsie says:

      Hi boo,

      If you want a mag with a little bit of everything, i quite enjoy FALLEN magazine. It’s all about Australian artists, of all types. The only downfall is it’s only published three times a year!

      Don’t you just love flipping through all the numerous magazines at newsagents? I think my local newsagent want to ban me from ever coming in and treating it like a library. *hangs head in shame*

    • Elly says:

      LOL Everyone does it don’t worry!
      I have never seen Fallen so I will be looking out for it! Thanks heaps.

  • nettyballs says:

    i love Grazia, Madison, and InSTyle, used to read Vogue but got over it as it was way too high brow for me!

  • Tinaday says:

    I love Russh, Yen, Frankie, No and recently Peppermint for its handmade leanings.

  • sexylady says:

    Of course DDG is my favourite mag! I also like Lets Shop and Shop til you Drop!

  • Zerotolove says:

    I like both, Vogue for style inspiration, and ‘gossip’ mags for cheap entertainment at its best! x

  • vavoom says:

    I don’t mind Instyle or Madison.

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