"Two questions - 1 has anyone seen these Mania Mania rings discount anywhere online?

2 - if not are they worth the dollars? I have one of the YSL arty rings and the gold plating is wearing off already!! thanks. "

Asked by: Missy

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  • DDGD - Kate
    DDGD - Kate

    They actually have their own online store – although I think for now it’s too popular to turn up discounted.

    You might have better luck on eBay?

    And quality wise, they are amazing, but I do know someone who had the stone in theirs come loose. Might just be hers though.


  • kristinalouise
    Reply has just released a gorgeous Silver Quartz Stone version!! (not on sale but equally amazing) Pre-orders available in April:*mania.aw11.1.html did have a Maniamania sale but looks like everything has been wiped clean, it seems.

    For another alternative try Pamela Love or Mezi jewellery or if you can stretch the budget, Mawi or Erickson Beamson xx

  • Missy

    I love those rings! but $300 is a bit out of my budget.
    I found this (really similar one!!) on etsy for only $55 –

  • Keryn

    Oooh I just bought one from and you get $25 off when signing up! Love it! x

  • joburkey

    Check out

    They have some in stock, they are sometimes on sale too (it’s a small range though)

  • jasmine

    unfortuanntly anything plated wears off wuickly, especially with wear. and things like wearing them in the water or commig into contact with perfumes can wear it off quicker as well. i find putting a coat of clear nailpolish over the metal helps prolong its life, nd even more if you re-apply the coat when t starst to eventually wear down that way your ring will look shiny for much longer!

  • Agatha

    I have some House of Harlow jewellery, which is also only gold plated, and it’s wearing off quite a bit. I’ve made a deal with myself that I’m only going to buy solid silver or gold jewellery from now on… It’s just not worth it. Spending so much money on rad items that just get damaged and worn so quickly. I’d rather buy things that I can keep forever.

  • jenny

    Maybe take a look at – it has a pretty good range and low prices.
    Also, I bought some House of Harlow jewellery from them at it arrived the next day, and also came with a free ring.

    – J

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