Where to find a good quality, black long sleeve top?!

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I need a good quality black long sleeve top- I don't want to spend more than $100, but don't want anything too cheap. Help!

Posted by: Zerotolove

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  • lorryx3 says:

    Sussan have some nice viscose ones. they are about $40. they aren’t that warm but they wash really well. They come in all sorts of colours. http://www.sussan.com.au/Clothing/Tops/T-shirts/23984

  • boo says:

    More details?
    I know it seems relatively straight forward for a black top – I don’t know about you but I’m pretty specific with basics, like I have a few and all serve different purposes!!
    Metallicus has some – but they are thin and have high necklines. I don’t find the material very comfortable but some people swear by them!
    I also have this one from ASOS which is on sale for only $13 at the moment
    It has a nice neckline & is pretty comfy – not a lot of stretch in the fabric though and it has thumb cut outs which is good for me as I’m tall with long arms so I knew it would be a good sleeve length.
    I’ve also purchased long sleeve black tops from kookai which are nice and stretchy with a nice scoop neckline but I find with Kookai their black tops tend to fade pretty quickly!

    So there are a couple of options!
    But yeah, not sure exactly what you are after in relation to fit, stretch, neckline!

  • Rachel says:

    Have a look at the lookbook album from http://www.facebook.com/estiescloset
    There’s a really nice black long sleep top for $45.

  • elleryandblack says:

    Betty Basics do some great basic black tops. They do two ranges one in a cotton and one in a nylon. They retail for around $29 to $39 depending on which one you go for. Available pretty much Australia wide.
    They wash and wear really well.

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