Maple hot toddy cocktail recipe: It’s happy hour at DDG!

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Maple hot toddy cocktail recipe: Its happy hour at DDG! | lifestyle feature recipes  pictures

Maple hot toddy cocktail recipe: It's happy hour at DDG!

It's that miserable time of year when most of us get sick or at the very least start getting that annoying tickle in the back of your throat that never worsens or gets better but just continues to scratch for months on end. On those shivery cold nights when your teeth won't stop chattering and your throat keeps aching but you still want to enjoy an after work drink there's nothing better than a hot toddy.

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A hot toddy generally involves whiskey, hot water, lemon and honey but this version swaps out the honey for runny maple syrup. The maple syrup has a deeper flavour and compliments the whiskey without being too overpowering.


  • Hot water
  • Maple Syrup
  • Lemon
  • Whiskey

Maple hot toddy cocktail recipe: Its happy hour at DDG! | lifestyle feature recipes  pictures


  1. Boil some hot water and slice your lemon.
  2. Add a shot of whiskey to a cup or mug.
  3. Top with boiling water.
  4. Squeeze in some lemon juice and add a slice to the glass to let the lemon flavour develop.
  5. Sweeten with maple syrup to taste (start with about a teaspoon).

Maple hot toddy cocktail recipe: Its happy hour at DDG! | lifestyle feature recipes  pictures

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Roadtested: Glaze Me Gel nail kit | nail it feature beauty 2  pictures

Each week it is our pleasure to send groups of DDG readers the latest and greatest goodies to try for themselves and share their experiences with the rest of the DDG community. If you want to be included just make sure you sign up for our call outs each week and get involved with the site so we know you're as serious about all things DDG as we are!

This week we had a special one person trial team testing ... Glaze Me Gel Nail Kit

Roadtested: Glaze Me Gel nail kit | nail it feature beauty 2  pictures

My name is ... Gillian Meers

And I have/am ... I like to keep things simple but fun Roadtested: Glaze Me Gel nail kit | nail it feature beauty 2  pictures

I just tested ... Glaze Me Gel nail starter kit

Here's what I thought...

My rating: Roadtested: Glaze Me Gel nail kit | nail it feature beauty 2  pictures

"Having three kids and one income, getting to the salon is not something I do. Just not a priority in terms of time or money, but gosh it would be nice! I like looking as polished as the next girl. So when I got this enormous package in the mail from DDGD, I will confess I got a bit emotional. Silly? Maybe. But I was seriously excited. Gel manicures at home? I could even have friends over and we could do manis together over coffee and cake! The possibilities were endless! Ok, so I might have been getting a bit carried away. But this sets the scene: I had high expectations!
So, on to the trial. The instructions were straightforward (even having trouble-shooting tips at the bottom of the page, handily) and the process of preparing and doing the manicure took only slightly longer than choosing which of the 4 nail colours provided I wanted to use first. The machine itself took a second to work out, as the instructions didn't have quite enough detail on which setting to switch it to, but I worked it out and as I said, the whole process was pretty quick. However, I am not the neatest person, and doing my nails is no different. Whereas I have an acetone pen that I use to neaten up normal nail polish blunders, I quickly discovered that wasn't going to help with cured gel nails ... as you'll see from my swatches, I learned to 'tidy up' the nails as I went, which worked well. I'm still learning, but so far I've loved the results, especially the depth of colour and the longevity of the manicure. Plus, the lack of strong nail varnish smell!
One last note: where it says in the instructions not to peel the gel off your nails? Yeah, yeah of course. Just makes sense. Well I was out to dinner and one nail looked a bit ragged and I just tried to neaten it up and then ... yep. Don't peel the gel off your nails, girls, no matter how tempting it is! I damaged one nail, and after that I soaked the rest off properly, and it's worth the effort!

The verdict: Despite the fact that it didn't automatically turn me into a nail artist, I loved the Glaze Me home gel nail manicure kit. It was easy to use, the kit comes with everything you need to start up, the manicure itself lasted well and looked great (especially once I improved my technique!) And yes, I do look forward to having little manicure afternoon teas with fellow frugal mummies so we can have fun and feel good sporting our (almost) salon-like talons Roadtested: Glaze Me Gel nail kit | nail it feature beauty 2  pictures "

Would you buy it? Probably

Roadtested: Glaze Me Gel nail kit | nail it feature beauty 2  picturesRoadtested: Glaze Me Gel nail kit | nail it feature beauty 2  pictures

Want to try the Glaze Me gel nail kit for yourself? We've got one set available in our SWAG section right now!

If you've tried this product before then tell us about your experience in the comments below!

Bargain buys: 10 of the snazziest finds under 50 bucks | hot 10 galleries feature fashion daily  pictures

Along with Jaffles, my recent obsession has been bling of the ear variety. I don't dabble in jewellery often and rarely wear earrings (except for a pair of microscopic triangle studs) so to be suddenly smitten by the smorgest board of ear glitz available online is totally out of character.

Maybe it's the eye-massagingly pretty Pinterest pics showcasing cool studs, cuffs and even multiple piercings or maybe it's a combo of this and my love for Zoe Kravitz. All I know is chic punk is the talk of the town and you should get your ears in check!

Image courtesy of

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Beauty product smackdown: Chemical vs natural body butter | feature beauty 2  pictures

Each week the DDG office will be testing an all-natural beauty product against its chemical counterpart to see which is most effective. Today we're reviewing Metta Body Butter from Shea, cocoa butter, grapeseed oil and jojoba oil combine to make this a rich and nourishing body butter that is said to renew and replenish the skin instantly. It sounds delicious but does the skin drink it up as willingly as they say? Find out what the office gals had to say below!


I normally use: Origins A Perfect World Intensely Hydrating Body Cream

What I thought of Metta Skincare Body Butter: "To begin, you whip the lid off and immediately feel as though you've just entered some kind of plush day spa. The mix of essential oils makes the aroma both energising and deeply relaxing, and the buttery consistency means that applying this is like running through a cloud; a soft, decadent cloud of happiness (I imagine all clouds to be happy for some reason). As you massage it into the skin, it melts into a beautifully fine serum-like lotion and works immediately at hydrating and soothing any parched areas. Bonus: it doesn't leave any kind of sticky residue and dries easily, and you wake up with super silky-smooth limbs. I cannot express enough how crazy I am for this skin-salving body butter. And I love that it's made from certified organic fairly traded shea and cocoa butter and other skin-boosting oils, which makes everything feel lovely and soft. This is definitely never leaving my side!"


I normally use: Coconut Revolution Coconut Body Cream Original

What I thought of Metta Skincare Body Butter: Being biased to all things coconut, it was tough competition for the Metta Body Butter from the get-go! But I'm a sucker for delightful packaging you could display in your bathroom and this glass jar featuring an arty print fits the bill. The aromas when you first open the jar take over and you feel as though you've stepped into a deluxe day spa! The residue kept my skin plump and hydrated with a healthy glow and the fact that it's based in Melbourne sealed the deal — I'm a convert.


I normally use: Nivea Body In Shower Rich Skin Conditioner

What I thought of Metta Skincare Body Butter: "Despite being constantly scolded for admitting it, I don't moisturise my body. I have this weird thing where I start sneezing hysterically once I get even a little cold so my post-shower routine involves drying myself with the world's biggest bath sheet as quickly as possible and immediately putting on my dressing gown. In the name of natural beauty I attempted to try this thick body butter but couldn't get past my legs before I had to start getting dressed to stop the sneezing. The cream is incredibly thick but melts instantly and was absorbed very quickly into my skin and whenever I felt my legs later in the day they were incredibly smooth. Until we get heating in the bathroom I'll probably continue avoiding the moisturising stage, but will definitely keep using it after I shave my legs."


Metta Skincare Body Butter, $42.73,

Have you used this brand before? Would you swap over to an all-natural body butter? Tell us in the comments below!

Best before: All you need to know about makeup expiration | galleries feature beauty tips beauty 2 beauty 2  pictures

Just like you wouldn't drink off milk, it's important not to put makeup on your face that's past its use-by date. "What if I can't remember where I bought it", you ask? Well that's really a sign in itself and therefore you should kick it to the curb! But in all seriousness, this is where a girl's gotta put her senses into play.

How does it smell? Does it feel on your skin the way it did when you first bought it? Is it not doing what it used to? All can be signs of a product that needs to be purged — and fast!

A handy hint is to mark your makeup with the date you bought it so you can keep tabs on how long you have been using it, because the last thing you want is to transfer bacteria onto the skin especially around the delicate eye area and mouth, where you're most likely to contract infections or breakouts. It's also important to note that all-natural products won't last as long as their chemical counterparts. Less preservatives = less longevity.

While it can be a lot harder to judge if your foundation isn't quite what it used to be compared to the obvious signs of an NQR Moo Juice, we've made it simpler thanks to this little guide on how to know when your fave prodz are ready to be sent to beauty heaven.

By Jessica Savoia

Learn something new about makeup expiration? Tell us in the comments below!

Brush up: Your ultimate makeup brush cheat sheet | feature beauty trends 2 beauty tips beauty 2 beauty 2  pictures

Your official makeup brush cheat sheet

Exactly how many brushes do you really need? Well, unless you're vying for a spot on TV, only a few basic tools should help you execute your daily best. In fact, there's just 7 top makeup brushes every chick should own, and we've mapped out a guide that explains exactly what they do and how to use them. Stock your beauty arsenal with these bad boys and say goodbye to bad makeup days!


This brush is typically used to apply any foundation all over the face. The flat bristles provide effortless application and create a smooth and flawless canvas, while the ends of the brush allow you to apply the product to those hard to reach areas like around the corners of the nose, and around the eyes and hairline. There are two types — tapered and rounded. Tapered is best for blending liquid and cream foundations while rounded contain densely packed bristles that blend as they brush and impart a smoother, more natural appearance.

APPLICATION TIP: It is important to note when applying foundation with this type of brush that you don't drag the product along your face as this often creates a streaky look. Instead you should use a foundation brush with gentle tapping or stippling motions to create a more natural and even finish, or if you're using a tapered foundation brush, use downward strokes for seamless application. And be sure to check your makeup in natural sunlight for any streaks or lines.


Also known as the duo-fibre brush, this brush is commonly used for liquid foundation. The flat, feathery head evenly distributes the product and provides a gorgeous airbrushed effect. It can be used to apply blush, blend, clean up excess powder and highlight the cheekbones. This brush is also commonly used for cream blush and bronzer.

APPLICATION TIP: Gradually build up the product using gentle stippling motions all over the skin to create the most natural and flawless finish.


Concealer brushes are essentially just a smaller version of a flat foundation brush. They are usually used to apply concealer to any pesky blemishes to cover redness or can be used under the eyes to mask the appearance of dark circles. Concealer brushes can also be used to apply eyeshadow to the centre of the eyelid.

APPLICATION TIP: When concealing, use a light hand when initially applying the product, then feather the product out at the edges to create a seamless look without disturbing the foundation or moving around the concealer.


Blush brushes are typically full, fluffy and round, making it easy to pick up any powder based product. They distribute any cheek colour flawlessly and can evenly cover large areas of the face. This type of brush can be used for powder, bronzer and highlighter also.

APPLICATION TIP: Always start with a minimal amount of powder, tapping off the excess to avoid too much colour being applied at once.


The slanted bristles in a contour brush allow you to achieve dimension and definition with your facial features, as the bristles mimic the angle of your cheek bones, enabling you to really sculpt and chisel the hollows of your cheeks with your bronzer or blush. This brush can also be used to bronze up the forehead and temples to create an overall sunkissed look.

APPLICATION TIP: Locate the hollows of your cheeks by lining the brush from the corner of your mouth up to the ear. You can then slowly apply product in a straight line, then go back and haze out the edges with the bristles to create flawless results.


This is an essential brush for creating any eye look. The small, tapered, fluffy brush is best used to pack on colour all over the lid to give a wash of colour to the entire eye and create depth and definition. It can also be used to apply concealer or highlighter to the top of cheekbones!

APPLICATION TIP: For a more intense colour payoff from your shadows, try wetting the brush before applying eyeshadow to help the eye shadow show up much more vibrant and opaque.


This firm, dense, angled brush helps you create precise lines when filling in your eyebrows with a gel, powder or wax. This type of brush can also be used for eyeliner.

APPLICATION TIP: Start with light feathery strokes to avoid making the brows too dark or harsh-looking. Opt for a more natural appearance with light, feathery strokes in the direction of hair growth.

Written by Molly Jones & Kristina Ioannou

Graphic by Elise Patience

Which makeup brushes do you own? Tell us in the comments below!

Crop it, crop it real good: Crop tops for every body shape | what to wear fashion daily feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

Previously reserved for the Spice Girls and track and field runners, the crop top has made an impression on us it seems, and it ain't going anywhere anytime soon.

If you want to jump onto the crop top bandwagon but aren't really too sure if you can pull it off, we've gathered some handy tips on how to wear them and which silhouettes suit your body shape the best. We do have some general suggestions for crop top wearers; let's start off with the most important, which is, let's not expose our belly buttons while wearing our crop tops. Repeat after me, thou shalt not expose belly buttons in public spaces other than the beach, pool or group knitting circle on Thursdays. If you're wearing your crop top during the day, either keep your top tight and your bottoms loose or vice versa. Too much is just, er, too much. Now let's get on to the nitty gritty and figure out how you can wear crop tops to flatter your figure the most.

You're an hourglass

We can all just take one look at Kim K and know that girl can rock a crop top like nobody's business. What Kim does, and I suggest all you other gorgeous hourglassed dames out there do is, find a crop top that's a tad longer and stops just above your the bottom of your ribcage and pair it with a skirt (you can go a-line or pencil, look at you!) that sits on the narrowest part of your waist. This emphasises your curves on the top and the bottom. Boom.

Crop it, crop it real good: Crop tops for every body shape | what to wear fashion daily feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

You're straight up and down

The trick here is not to go too tight; you want a structured crop top as opposed to spandex-style, I’m-going-to-the-gym-after-this-but-not-really kind of cut. This will give you the illusion of extra curves. Pair them with high-waisted bottoms (go for a full skirt for added curves) that sit a little below your natural waist, to show off your thin middle. If you have broad shoulders, go for a halter neck style to add more balance.

Crop it, crop it real good: Crop tops for every body shape | what to wear fashion daily feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

You're pear shaped

Similar to our hourglass shaped ladies, you want to look for crop tops that hit you just above your natural waistline (aka you want the peek-a-boo part to be where you are narrowist). Try going for a darker long a-line skirt that will glide over your curves and draw attention to your top half. If you're wearing your crop top with high waisted jeans, wear your top with a long blazer to balance out your silhouette.

Crop it, crop it real good: Crop tops for every body shape | what to wear fashion daily feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

Hope that was helpful, gorgeous people! Tell us, have you dared to bare your middle yet?

Images courtesy of Melanee Shale, GabiFresh & bows & sequins.

Eat this: Pumpkin, Oregano and Garlic Soup recipe from Petite Kitchen | lifestyle feature recipes  pictures

Pumpkin, Oregano and Garlic Soup recipe from Petite Kitchen

Soups are probably my favourite thing about Winter, because even though I know I'm perfectly capable of eating soup in any weather there is just something so satisfying about cooking up a batch of soup when it is dreary outside. In fact, it is my belief that soup is best enjoyed curled up in your pjs with some form of a blanket draped around you. Pumpkin soup is obviously one of the easiest soups to make because at a very basic level all you really have to do is cook pumpkin and blend it up and you've got soup.

WANT MORE? If you liked this Pumpkin, Oregano and Garlic Soup recipe, then check out more from Petite Kitchen here.

This delicious Pumpkin, Oregano and Garlic Soup recipe comes from Petite Kitchen and the part of the name that is missing (because it would just be too long!) was where she mentioned the crispy bacon croutons. Honestly, those words pretty much make anything sound like the best meal ever. Enjoy!


• 1 medium-sized pumpkin, peeled and chopped into thick pieces
• 6-8 cups good quality vegetable or chicken stock
• 2 tablespoons ghee, butter or extra virgin olive oil
• 2 cloves garlic
• Sea salt
• Pepper

To serve:
• 6 rashers free-range bacon
• 4 large tablespoons natural yogurt*
• Large handful fresh oregano, roughly chopped
• Extra virgin olive oil for drizzling
• Freshly ground pepper
*You could also use sour cream or creme fraiche instead of natural yogurt, or leave it out altogether if you prefer.

Head over to for the full instructions and more delicious, wholesome recipes.

What are your thoughts on this Pumpkin, Oregano and Garlic Soup recipe? Tell us in the comments below!

What we wear: Lets talk about ... you know ... | what we wear what to wear fashion daily featured hp main feature fashion daily casual friday  pictures

Sweaters and skirts. A dynamic duo not unlike milo and vanilla ice cream (any head tilters, don't hesitate and try it!). But seriously, I'm skirt obsessed and my obsession was in full swing this week with this distressed denim number from Target (there's a couple left in stores but otherwise here's a similar style).

What we wear: Lets talk about ... you know ... | what we wear what to wear fashion daily featured hp main feature fashion daily casual friday  picturesThis sweater by Stylestalker is something else. It's bold and eye-catching and a little bit gangsta ... but most of all it's an oversized fit and that's all you need to know — love.

What we wear: Lets talk about ... you know ... | what we wear what to wear fashion daily featured hp main feature fashion daily casual friday  pictures

I'm super short and this angle isn't helping but this shot does bring out the perfect blue shade of this skirt and my fave Opening Ceremony x Adidas kicks.

What did you think of this week's how we wear post? Tell us in the comments below!

Makeup lockdown: Pick your perfect primer with this epic shopping guide | galleries feature beauty trends 2 beauty 2  pictures

Face primer is like Robin is to Batman, like Bonnie is to Clyde, like peanut butter is to jam — the ultimate sidekick to makeup! Comprised of so many secret powers, primers can do everything from fill in fine lines and reduce pore size to hydrate the skin and correct pigmentation. Better yet, they act as the perfect prep tool before foundation and help makeup to glide on smoothly and last longer. To add even more excitement to the mix, there are also primers for the lashes, eyes and lips so you never have to worry about your face paint sliding off after application.

Since a flawless face is the basis of every great makeup look, we've hunted down winning primers from every single category so you can select the right one for all of your cosmetics needs. Time to get prepping!

Do you wear primer? Which type are you curious to try? Tell us in the comments below!

No more drunk dialing disasters: 5 of the best drinking apps | home sweet home lifestyle galleries feature  pictures

No more drunk dialing disasters: 5 of the best drinking apps

Most of us probably can't remember the last time they went out — be it brunch, drinks or your nephew's christening — and mobile phones weren't a major facet of the situation. Sure it may be rude when you're out to breakfast with your friends and everyone at the table has their phone on the table next to their coffee, but at least your sobriety means that is the worst that can happen. With your phone as your constant companion it can be a little bit too easy to let your fingers lead you down the path to the dreaded drunk dial.

WANT MORE? If you're enjoying these drinking apps, then check out more tech stuff here.

While some of your friends may get a kick out of your incoherent ramblings at 2 am, the same may not be said about your boss. Even worse is when you're in the throes of a relationship breakdown and feel the need to call your ex at all hours of the night. Let's just say that the moment you call your ex up in the middle of the night with a sloppy kebab in your hand and mascara running down your face is the exact moment your sense of dignity makes a run for it. Luckily, all these advancements in technology mean we now have the power to stop ourselves from making those horrible 2 am decisions (not including the kebabs — they're always a good idea!).

Image courtesy of Dollar Photo

Have you used any of these drinking apps? Tell us about them in the comments below!

Reader offer! Get 20% off at Apple Tree Boutique! | feature fashion daily  pictures

We are big time loving the pocket-friendly new season must haves at right now!

And even better you get 20% off sitewide with code DDG!

Shop now >>


Reader offer! Get 20% off at Apple Tree Boutique! | feature fashion daily  pictures

R rated: 7 reasons why you should start using retinol infused products | skincare make your mug glow galleries feature beauty 2  pictures

Retinol (otherwise known as Vitamin A) is pretty much the gold standard in anti-ageing skincare. The Vitamin A derivative is super effective at reducing fine lines, minimising pore size, evening tone and fading spots, and if you're extra nice to it, it may even bake you cookies.

The essential, tried-and-true wonder ingredient can now be found in a bevy of prods, from face serums to moisturisers to eye treatments and even cloth masks, and works wonders on smoothing out the skin and giving it that much-loved glow.

But if you're not sure how it all works, we've rounded up the 7 top reasons why you need to start including it in your weekly skincare routine. If you do decide to take the R-rated plunge, just don't forget to wear lots of sunscreen (but you're doing that already ... right?), and because retinol can cause mild flakiness and sensitivity for some people, it's best to do a patch test first before jumping on the full throttle Vitamin A bandwagon.

Image courtesy of La Roche Posay

Do you use retinol based skincare products? Tell us in the comments below!

DDG DIY: How to clean makeup brushes | how tos feature ddg diy beauty 2  pictures

How to clean makeup brushes

Washing your makeup brushes is a simple step and yet it's often one which is skipped over, but in reality it can make all the difference. You wash your face every day to purify your skin of germs, bacteria and oils, but the moment you put makeup on with dirty brushes, you transfer a week's worth of grime straight back onto your face. Gross, right?

That's why it's important to frequently cleanse your brushes to avoid blemishes and irritation. Follow these simple steps to keeping your cosmetic tools squeaky clean!


- Dirty makeup brushes

- Makeup brush cleaner spray OR baby shampoo OR a gentle soap


If you're using a professional brush cleaning spray —

Step 1: Spray the formula directly on the brush head to completely soak the bristles.

Step 2: Wipe the brush head back and forth over a paper towel repeatedly until there is no more product coming off.

Step 3: Allow the brush to dry. You might also want to run it under water to ensure there is no makeup remover residue left over.

If you're using a baby shampoo or gentle soap —

Step 1: Run your brushes under lukewarm water to dislodge the residual makeup. Try to focus the water on the actual bristles and try to avoid where the handle meets the head of the brush, as water can loosen the glue over time.

Step 2: Fill a bowl with lukewarm water with a teaspoon of baby shampoo or soap, and gently swirl the brushes in the water. You can also do this on the palm of your hand.

Step 3: Rinse the brushes under cold water until the water runs clear from the brush.

Step 4: Wipe the brushes clean with a cloth and reshape the bristles as you go.

Step 5: Lay the brushes flat with the heads facing downwards or balance off the edge of a table so the brushes are able to dry easily. Drying the brushes upright is not recommended as the water settles into the glue that's holding the bristles together and will eventually break down the glue.

Now you'll never need to use filthy makeup brushes again!

Words by Molly Jones

Do you clean your makeup brushes? Tell us in the comments below!

High street fashion is bringing the goods this week with front runner Bardot showing us how to do classic cuts, sexy silhouettes and dial up the sophisticated for your next night out. I was beyond impressed with this homegrown Australian brand so to check out what Bardot's putting down have a look below!

Australian fashion guide: Our five favourite picks from Bardot | finds feature fashion news fashion daily  pictures

My jaw has set up camp on the floor thanks to this jumpsuit which ticks all the style boxes. Featuring on trend pleated, wide leg bottoms with fitted corset top, strapless styling and back zip closure- I'm smitten.

SHOP IT: Coco Jumpsuit in Black, $159.95,

Australian fashion guide: Our five favourite picks from Bardot | finds feature fashion news fashion daily  pictures

 The LBD gets a 90's makeover with Kate Moss accents. I'm obsessing over the strappy detailing and corset style bodice- hot tamale!

SHOP IT: Siren Midi Dress in Black, $99.95,

Australian fashion guide: Our five favourite picks from Bardot | finds feature fashion news fashion daily  pictures

What would your wardrobe be without a simple cami? Well it may as well be empty that's how vital this little number is. Plus with this frosty pastel shade you're doubling up on the trend front.

SHOP IT: Grand Central Cami in Sky, $59.95,

Australian fashion guide: Our five favourite picks from Bardot | finds feature fashion news fashion daily  pictures

 A high neck and fitted mid-length is such a flattering cut you simply can't go wrong with this party number, kick up your heels and paint the town red with this blushing pink frock.

SHOP IT: Chantal Lace Dress, $119.95,

Australian fashion guide: Our five favourite picks from Bardot | finds feature fashion news fashion daily  pictures

Pleat detailing with a Grecian vibes equals legs eleven and a go to skirt whatever the season or occasion!

SHOP IT: Sculpt Flip Skirt, $109.95,

What do you think of the Australian Fashion Guide? Which Bardot piece is your fave? Tell us in the comments below!

5 of the best: Whack tastic Korean beauty buys | galleries feature beauty trends 2 beauty 2  pictures

Korea, the world's hidden beauty gem. Well, not really hidden anymore, since it is one of the world's largest cosmetics producers, and definitely a country that's gaining more and more recognition for its thousands of whimsical and just plain wacky primping prods.

From snail slime to a weird-looking lip mask and a cleansing oil made from rice water, check out these quirky-cool Korean beauty buys that are fast becoming as mainstream as Psy.

Image courtesy of

Which of these Korean beauty buys would you be daring enough to try? Tell us in the comments below!

Exercise test dummy: Vinyasa yoga at Kaya Health Clubs | lifestyle health and happines feature  pictures

With so many different exercise options out there these days, hating the gym is no longer a good enough reason to not get moving. So to inspire you to try new things, our chronically unfit lifestyle editor is lacing up her runners and trying out every type of exercise we can find in Melbourne — from Yoga to Boot Camps and every crazy thing in between.

Got a class you want us to try for you? Hit up the comments and we'll give it a go. Think of her as your exercise guinea pig.

Vinyasa yoga, Kaya Health Clubs (Prahran)

As I've mentioned before, there are probably more types of yoga than there are people who do yoga. I've already tried Bikram Yoga and aerial yoga (which is probably my all-time favourite because ... hammocks?), so I thought it was time to give a couple of the more standard yoga styles a try to see the difference between them and Kaya Health Clubs, who run 3 types of yoga classes as well as Reformer Pilates, were kind enough to give me a little taste of what each of their styles are about.

First up we have Vinyasa Yoga, which is a flowing form of yoga that synchronises the yoga movements with your breathing. In a Vinyasa class, expect to sweat and work hard — more than you would in a more static yoga class but less than Bikram. It is a very fitness-based yoga style which is why it is popular among people who want to do the yoga exercises but also need to sweat to feel like their workout has worked.

The repetition of certain movements (specifically 'going through your Vinyasa' which combines a plank, chaturanga and downward dog) between stand alone exercises made me feel like I was really improving as the class went on because I feel my stretches getting deeper or my legs getting higher.

You still get the relaxation component of the class towards the end (which is my least favourite part because I always fall asleep. Switching off my mind is clearly not an issue!), so don't think that Vinyasa yoga is like a Zumba class or anything — it's still yoga. Unlike some other styles of yoga, they don't have a set series of exercises so it is really up to the instructor to create a set of exercises that varies each time to keep it interesting.

After this class I felt completely energised even though it was a Friday evening (when I am notorious for falling asleep at nana-worthy hours) and I had a freezing cold trip home to deal with. I also went from not being able to touch my toes to being able to get my hands under my feet in one hour thanks to the combination of the warmth and the stretching.

Overall, I really liked this style of yoga. I think it is probably going to be my favourite style (although I'll hold off on making that call until after I try the other two classes!) because I enjoy a challenge and love yoga exercises but don't really go in for the spiritual side of yoga classes (I know — blasphemy!). We've got Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga coming in the next few weeks, so we'll see how I fare with the softer side of yoga.

Have you tried Vinyasa Yoga before? Tell us your thoughts on this style of exercise in the comments below!

Printed pants: Join the pants party with bold patterns and vibrant hues | galleries feature fashion daily  pictures

I've always accepted the invitation to the pants party — not a party in someone's pants, but the fashion tribute to the fierce, edgy and elegant bottom halves that have dominated runways since women said 'I want a piece of the action'.

A printed pant is the easiest way to look like you've made an effort (thumbs up for lazy dressing) with monochrome tying in perfectly for desk duties, colourful palazzo pants being the ultimate in comfort and tailored leopard print pants providing a plot twist to your standard Saturday night and skirt combo. How bold will you go?

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Which pair of printed pants would you rock? Tell us in the comments below!

Gettin figgy with it: 9 of the best fig recipes | home sweet home lifestyle galleries feature recipes  pictures

Gettin' figgy with it: 9 of the best fig recipes

I don't know if it is just my weirdly sheltered upbringing, but for many years of my life I didn't know what a fig was. I'm not quite sure if my supermarket never stocked them or if I simply didn't recognise them when I saw them, but for years I wouldn't have even hazarded a guess in a fruit line up because I had no idea what they even looked like. In fact, I only tasted a fig for the first time as recently as last year and let me tell you it was a life changing experience.

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From the outside they're a plain and unassuming fruit but once you cut them open you find the brightly coloured flesh inside that looks so pretty it's almost a shame to eat them. Keen observers will notice that the majority of these recipes involve either cheese or honey (or both at times). That's because those are the two ingredients that send the flavour of figs into the stratosphere. The killer combination of salty and sweet will make you forsake all other fruits!

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Which of these fig recipes are you dying to try? Tell us in the comments below!

Slogan sweaters: Word up your wardrobe 3 ways | what to wear fashion daily how to wear feature fashion daily casual friday  pictures

Let your threads do the chitter chatter with worded up slogan sweaters. It keeps the outfit busy in the right places (say, away from that chocolate stain on your jeans? — just me, ok.) Well, one thing's for sure. I love chocolate and on a side note, sweaters are a solid 10/10 for comfort factor — get on board!

Tres chic: Minimalist chic with French flavour is kept simple by letting the key pieces do the talking. Grey always complements leather and a fedora caps off the look (ha!).

SHOP IT: River Island Grey Paris Haute Studio Print Sweatshirt, $24.00,, Topshop Super Soft Leather Look Skinny Trousers, GBP32.00,, Topshop Asymmetric Brim Fedora Hat, GBP25.00,, Sportsgirl Boho Boot in Black, $79.95,

Team monochrome: Dinner and drinks without frost bite? It can be done. An oversized sweater can be dressed up with platforms and a skirt and in all black and white — oh so stylish.

SHOP IT: River Island Black Tres En Vogue Madame Sweatshirt, $30.00,, Country Road Ponte Seamed Skirt in Black, $79.95,, Colette Hayman Portia Small Bag in Black, $34.95,, Topshop Naive Cross Through Sandals in Silver, GBP45.00,

Relaxed preppy: Double the denim = double the fun. Layer with a grey slogan sweater and drape your fave bomber or jacket for extra toastyness.

SHOP IT: River Island Grey Full Time Fashion Blogger Sweatshirt, $50.00,, Converses Chuck Taylor in Natural White, $50.00,, Forever New Rosie Dark Indigo Low Rise Skinny Leg Jeans, $79.99,, One Teaspoon OS Liberty Shirt, $49.50,

Images & outfit inspiration courtesy of Josefin Dahlberg, Alice Mary & Christina Caradona

Which of these slogan sweater styles has you smitten? Tell us in the comments below!

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