Just jeanius: Best jeans for your body shape

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Just jeanius: Best jeans for your body shape | what to wear fashion daily featured hp main feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

Open any person you know's closet and you're sure to find at least one pair there (and no, jeggings don't count, nor do leggings with faux pockets and rivets spray painted on them). Jeans hit their peak popularity when cool boys like James Dean and Bruce Springsteen wore them and made them look super sleek and well, Kanye wears them and it still doesn't look like they're going anywhere soon. They're just pretty darn difficult to shop for if you don't know what styles, cuts and type of denim suit you best. Not to worry, your weekly update on clothing to suit you is here and we're going to smash this out of the ballpark. Let's get going …

Just jeanius: Best jeans for your body shape | what to wear fashion daily featured hp main feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

Best jeans for your body shape if you're an hourglass:

So you have a small waist and a Beyonce booty; you probably find that your jeans gape in the back, huh? Yep, what you want to do is go for jeans with a bit of stretch that sit higher on the waist to cinch that in. To balance out your proportions you can wear a slim leg or skinny jean with heels — you want the hem to be long, but not too long; if it's too short or too long, it'll make your legs look shorter than they are. That's the point where you get your lovely sales assistants a shout out if you need a second opinion. If you don't want to draw attention to your hips and thighs, stay away from lighter denim or denim with any kind of whiskering or distressed look as that will draw attention to them.

Just jeanius: Best jeans for your body shape | what to wear fashion daily featured hp main feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

You're straight up and down: 

Boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, mum jeans … you've got dibs on the lot. If you want to accentuate your thin pins, reach for the skinny jeans. If you're looking to detract from your legs, opt for a boyfriend jean, which will give you a relaxed, ‘I'm not even trying’ look. You probably want to stay away from jeans that are too straight or shapeless as you might get lost in them. Go all in on this one; commit to the really skinny or the really baggy (not like MC Hammer baggy, let's not get crazy) and you've got this, erm … in the bag.

Just jeanius: Best jeans for your body shape | what to wear fashion daily featured hp main feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

You're a pear (not a real pear — though delicious, probably not ideal as a body type):

Hey, ladies, you want to take a cue from the hourglass girl and go for a slim, skinny or boot cut jean. When shopping for bootcut jeans make sure they don't flare out a crazy amount; you want it to be subtle, less John Travolta circa Saturday Night Fever more ‘oh, those are boot cut jeans?! I didn't really notice 'til you pointed that out’. The reason for this is because a big flare has a tendency to make your legs look shorter, unless you have long, gorgeous Candice Swanepoel legs in which case, who am I to advise you not to go Travolta all the way!

Hope this helps a lady out. There are a few simple things to keep in mind when going jean shopping. Always buy half a size down (wiggle into them, they will stretch!), get them altered about 1 cm longer than you normally would because they tend to shrink in length after first wash (also don't wash them too often, it makes the denim sad and they live longer if you wash them less frequently) and finally, don't give up trying on jeans if the first pair doesn't work out; most people need to try on heaps of pairs before they find the perfect pair.

It's kind of like dating: you just keep going till you find the perfect fit. See? Jeanius.

Images courtesy of LouHayHay, fashionvibe & Jag Lever.

Got any other other tips for finding the best jeans for your body shape? Share them below!

Face base camp: Everything you need to know about foundation | galleries feature beauty trends 2 beauty tips beauty 2 beauty 2  pictures

TRIVIA TIME: Which product can you apply all over the face to achieve the appearance of smooth, even, pore-less skin? If you answered with 'chocolate' we don't blame you #wishfulthinking. If you answered with foundation, we're sending you a virtual hug because that answer is CORRECT. If you didn't answer with either ... dude, really?

Foundation is the best kind of cosmetic magic, with each formulation boasting a different miracle. Whether it be cover, correct, conceal, smooth or mop the floor, these bad boys are the essential disciplinary tool for making the skin behave and look beautiful. But because not all foundations are created equal, and there exists more than a dozen variations on the market, we've assembled a lengthy guide that will teach you all you need to know about the different types. Gel, liquid, powder, mousse, cream ... bring it on!

Which type of foundation is your fave to use? Tell us in the comments below!

Beauty Editors letter: Its time to embrace gel liner | feature eye makeup and trends beauty 2  pictures

I'll be the first to admit that my liquid liner pen is getting a little snoozy  — as in, major boring. Swishes and swoops are generally my secret talent and should anyone dare to pry the pen away from my fingertips, they'll have me to answer to, but lately I've been seriously sick of constantly having to reapply my liner around midday. Why? Because even the liquid formulas that claim to be budge proof are cheeky and like to go walkabouts every so often.

So when Rimmel ScandalEyes 24 Hour Gel Liner landed on my desk, I couldn't help but eye it off with some curiosity. A lot of my friends and quite a few makeup artists I know dabble with gel liners, mainly because they're allegedly supposed to stay put for hours upon hours and are much easier to maneuver than their liquid counterpart, so you can understand my sudden interest.

The last time I'd experimented with a brush and little pot of liner, I ended up with streaks from my peepers to my brows (yes, even Beauty Eds eff up makeup application at times!), but my inner voice reassured me this time would be different. And alas, wasn't that wise old voice correct!


Well for one, it's long wearing — I got a whole 9 hours of budge-proof wear out of it and the colour payoff was rich and intense, just the way I like my wings! I didn't need to apply a lid primer, nor was I wearing any kind of eyeshadow, so the fact that it surpassed my eyelids' extreme oil excretion (that sounds gross) was a miracle. To scrub it off, I needed to use heavy duty eye makeup remover so it's obvs this prod would be perfect for those glamorous events that require some heavy duty face painting.

I also loved how you didn't need the steady hands of a surgeon in order to make the line look nice and straight — it provided precise application thanks to the little tapered brush. With liquid liners, I find that I have to pull my eyes taut in order to get the perfect line and we all know how bad that is for crow's feet. I also hate how the fine sponge tip applicator on liquid liners have the tendency to smudge easily, meaning you often have to get it right the first time, while this gel liner was completely buildable so I was able to slowly layer and sculpt it to the shape and thickness that I desired easily and effectively without any kind of straying.

Beauty Editors letter: Its time to embrace gel liner | feature eye makeup and trends beauty 2  pictures

The top swatch is gel liner & the bottom is a texta liquid liner


This bad boy is cheap as chips and high quality. It's a no mess, no fuss product and so perfect for those serious lines or a slick cat's eye, so yes, it's defs worth it.


Close to it!


This is a nifty buy for those of us who have trouble with a traditional liquid liner wand or who want something to actually stay put around their peepers, but just be warned you need loads of patience to pull gel liner off as mastering the perfect silhouette takes skill and dedication.

The only downside is that pot liners require you to clean your brush after every application, which isn't ideal if you like to keep your makeup routine short and sweet. If you're a little on the lazy side, try a gel liner in pencil form instead.

Beauty Editors letter: Its time to embrace gel liner | feature eye makeup and trends beauty 2  pictures


Now for many girls, even the most beauty savvy of the bunch, liquid eyeliner can be a hard nut to crack so the very fact that I cracked this mystical nut will always live on in my heart forever. But because there's so many new takes on the mod cat's eye (hello rich plum and metallic bronze shades!), and I want results that actually last, I'm going to have to choose gel liner for the time being.

It's goodbye for now liquid liner, just not forever.

Keen to try this? Do you prefer gel liners or liquid liners? Tell us in the comments below!

Stand up: Tech stands that let you go hands free in style | home sweet home lifestyle galleries feature  pictures

Stand up: Tech stands that let you go hands free in style

Back in the (fairly recent) old days, using your phone involved quickly pressing those rubbery buttons with one hand while pretending to pay attention to whatever your teacher was saying in class. These days our phones have so many more uses than just texting your friend (who was probably sitting right next to you anyway) and probably the most important one would have to be watching videos. I don't know about you guys but if I go on a big YouTube binge I get the worst cramps in my palm! Which is why I'm super glad that I'm not the only person who says, "hey, I could really do with a stand for this electronic sucker!"

Now that we've got tablets (of varying sizes) thrown into the mix and tend to use our tech stuff for everything including following along on a recipe, it makes sense that we can find tech stands that are a little bit more exciting than a sloped table. Quirky, pretty and twice as useful, these tech stands will make you embrace going hands free so much you'll probably want to carry them around with you as well.

Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Which of these tech stands did you like? Tell us in the comments below!

How we wear: New York inspired | what we wear what to wear fashion daily feature fashion daily casual friday  pictures

I've never been to NYC but the photos I see of the urban street style in Winter is my favourite. It's authentic and true to itself, with beanies, puffer jackets and parkas, plus fresh kicks. This my take on the big apple.

I love this parka from Nasty Gal; it's the perfect khaki colour (similar here), top is from Bassike, drop-crotch trackies are also Nasty Gal (similar here).

How we wear: New York inspired | what we wear what to wear fashion daily feature fashion daily casual friday  pictures

My favourite sneakers are Adidas x Opening Ceremony. Super USA inspired with a baseball influenced stitching and design.
How we wear: New York inspired | what we wear what to wear fashion daily feature fashion daily casual friday  pictures

 A sneaky view of the back of my grey RIPNDIP beanie!

What do you think of this week's how we wear look? Tell us in the comments below!

Slough it off: 11 crucial things you need to know about face exfoliation | skincare make your mug glow galleries feature beauty 2  pictures

Everything you need to know about face exfoliation and more!

We all know that exfoliating your face is the fastest way to zhush things up in the skincare department by way of removing dermis-dulling dead cells, improving texture and tone, unclogging pores and helping skin lap up all of those lovely moisturising creams and serums. It's also a great glow boosting technique, encouraging cell turnover and prompting healthy, younger-looking skin.

But — and there's always a but — are you overdoing it? Are you scrubbing your face into submission or using a formula that's all wrong for you skin type? Below we walk you through 11 buff-worthy facts that'll help you avoid over-exfoliation and unnecessary irritation.

Are you a fan of face exfoliation? Do you like to use chemical or physical face exfoliants? Tell us in the comments below!

Red red wine: Burgundy and deep berry hues are on our fashion radar | galleries feature fashion daily  pictures

What inspired me to go batshit crazy on the burgundy? It could be the fact that nothing breaks up a black and grey wardrobe like some deep red and purple hues. Or how versatile berry blends can be in your Winter wardrobe. But I would be lying.

While these are all valid reasons to deck yourself in a variety of deep warm shades, the real reason comes down to Blake Lively's burgundy Gucci dress she wore to the Cannes Opening Ceremony *heavy breathing*. Could she be any more gorgeous? Take a leaf from Blake's book and go burgundy this season! Oh, and a little nude strappy heel never hurt either.

Image courtesy of kayture.com

Which burgundy fashion piece do you adore? Tell us in the comments below!

DDG DIY: French braid head band | how tos hair styles beauty 2 feature ddg diy beauty 2  pictures

Can you imagine our excitement when we realised our gorgeous beauty intern Jess was a gun at weaving braids? Nek minnit, we were all gathered around as she transformed Adriana's locks into this adorable french braid head band, and naturally we had to share the how-to.

Easy to execute and super flattering, this braid definitely tops the list. Here's what Jess had to say about nailing this 'do:


1 fine tooth comb

1 bobby pin

1 can of hairspray


STEP ONE: Make a horseshoe section at the front of your hair by running a fine tooth comb from the top of one ear to the other. Make sure the remaining hair is kept out of your way.

STEP TWO: Separate three small sections of hair just above the top of your ear.

STEP THREE: Place the far right strand under the middle strand and then the far left strand under the middle strand as if you were starting an underneath plait. Proceed to continue overlapping the strands while grabbing more hair from either side (from within the horseshoe section) to add to the strands as you go.

STEP FOUR: Once you have run out of hair just continue to plait downwards and secure above the top of the ear with a bobby pin.

STEP FIVE: Finish the look with a spritz of hairspray to seal over any flyaway hairs.

Are you keen to try out this hairstyle on your own mane? Tell us in the comments below!

Exercise test dummy: KX Barre in Ascot Vale | lifestyle health and happines feature  pictures

With so many different exercise options out there these days, hating the gym is no longer a good enough reason to not get moving. So to inspire you to try new things, our chronically unfit lifestyle editor is lacing up her runners and trying out every type of exercise we can find in Melbourne — from Yoga to Boot Camps and every crazy thing in between.

Got a class you want us to try for you? Hit up the comments and we'll give it a go. Think of her as your exercise guinea pig.

KX Barre, Ascot Vale

While this entire exercise test has been centred on how incredibly unfit I am (and lets also include my limited strength and flexibility in there, which means it's lucky I'm physically able to get out of bed in the morning), that wasn't always the case. Between the ages of 3 and 20 I went through various stages of fitness depending on my commitment to ballet at the time — at one point I even had abs! But since I stopped dancing I never quite found the type of exercise that suited me and weirdly missed the strengthening and warm up exercises we spent so long on in our ballet class. Well, guys, I don't want to prematurely jump the gun here (mostly because I can't jump) but KX Barre is my jam!

Set in a cute little studio with barres and mirrors on all sides I instantly felt like I was back at ballet. The exercises combine your standard ballet warm ups — plies, tondues and rises — with some serious strengthening exercises using weights. For something that is so easy to do anywhere at any time, I've really felt myself missing plies lately and this class just reminded how good my body felt at the end of a good ballet class — limber, but still a little sore from being worked.

These KX Barre classes cater to all types of fitness and are a great base point if you're looking to get back into exercise because while it was definitely challenging, it focuses much more on building strength and muscle than cardio. My class had a mix of people in — including one person who had never danced a day in her life and another who was a classically trained dancer over 20 years ago and was wanting to get back into fitness.

Exercise test dummy: KX Barre in Ascot Vale | lifestyle health and happines feature  pictures

This class really was everything I was looking for: the old exercises I loved and missed with a new degree of difficulty built in (a deeper lunge, a set of weights or a squishy ball held between your knees for more of a challenge), but I'd recommend it to anybody who is looking for an interesting way to build strength and improve their posture. Since adding Barre classes to their already impressive lineup of classes (including yoga and Pilates), KX has started to become an actual powerhouse in the fitness industry and I seriously hope they open a studio near my house so I can go on the regular.

They've got new studios and classes popping up all over Australia and I highly recommend checking out any one of their classes! But these KX Barre classes are definitely my new obsession.

Head over to www.kxpilates.com.au to find out more about their classes and locations.

Have you tried out KX Barre Pilates? Is this the kind of class you'd attend? Tell us in the comments below!

Hair overloaded: How to manage thick hair | hair styles beauty 2 galleries feature beauty tips beauty 2  pictures

How to manage thick hair

While your thick hair may the bane of your existence, it truly is a blessing in disguise. It's better to have too much than not enough, I say, and having loads of luscious locks can actually be extremely versatile. All you need are the tricks and tools to manage it.

The key is making sure your tresses are taken care of. The thicker the hair the greater its thirst, so make sure your products are moisture loaded as healthy hair = beautiful hair! It's also just as important to have the right tools to manage temperamental strands, as when left to its own devices, thick follicles can have a mind of their own.

So with all of that in mind, below learn how to maintain your unruly mane while enjoying the benefits of thick, luscious locks.

By Jessica Savoia

Image courtesy of Redken

Learn something new about how to manage thick hair? Tell us in the comments below!

How we wear: Super brights | what we wear what to wear fashion daily casual friday  pictures

In the lead up to the launch of my online store (Sizeable, if you haven't heard) I've been on a shopping lockdown, which, as I'm sure you'll understand, is painfully difficult for somebody who impulse-shops so frequently that I get full blown shopping amnesia. Now that my store is finally live the shopping ban hasn't been lifted (and probably won't for some time to come), but the upside of having a house filled with clothes that I've already technically paid for means my wardrobe is starting to feel a little bit limitless.

How we wear: Super brights | what we wear what to wear fashion daily casual friday  pictures

Since I've never been one to shy away from a bright colour, it's safe to say I instantly fell in love with the bright yellow cocoon wrap split cardigan from Leonard Street. It's 100% wool so it is super warm in this weird in-between weather, plus it has pockets! The coin print scoop neck t-shirt is another of my new Leonard Street favourites and is so insanely slinky and soft that I never want to take it off.

How we wear: Super brights | what we wear what to wear fashion daily casual friday  pictures

The jeans are Ziggy Sticks & Bones (which also happen to be some of the only jeans that are the perfect length for my short legs!), the boots are Jeffrey Campbell Rumble in black leather (you can get them from Europe here) and the necklace is by Emily Green.

What do you think of this take on super brights? Tell us in the comments below!

Chunks of goodness: Chunky soup recipes to keep you satisfied | home sweet home lifestyle galleries feature recipes  pictures

Chunky soup recipes to keep you satisfied

With the Winter chill biting at our heels we've officially entered soup season, which means that until the sun starts shining consistently in the Spring, the majority of my meals will be liquid-based. I love a good soup, in fact my Nana Betty makes the most amazing vegetable soup that I love so much that it is my birthday and Christmas present every year. I've never tried recreating it for myself (although my sister makes a version that is pretty damn close!) because I'm fairly certain it involves some sort of vegetable wizardry that I'll never be able to master.

WANT MORE? If you liked these chunky soup recipes then check out some more Winter warmers here.

Personally, I like my soups on the chunky side. It just makes it feel so much more like a substantial meal when you have to chew a little bit. These chunky soup recipes have got you covered for any meal-mood your body may be in — whether you're craving freshness, spice or a massive vegetable hit.

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart

What are your favourite types of chunky soup recipes? Tell us your must have ingredients in the comments below!

Road tested: Rock Beauty Lip Rock Metallic Lip Foils | lip service feature beauty 2  pictures


I secretly wanted to try this product to see if I looked like Kesha walking straight out of one of her music videos and was super ecstatic when I was informed I would be doing just that! They're totally the perfect adornment to fiercify (yes, made it up) a dress up costume or fulfill a space-themed fantasy (where the Star Trek nerds at?!).

Road tested: Rock Beauty Lip Rock Metallic Lip Foils | lip service feature beauty 2  pictures


Applying the lip foil is easy to do and works really well. You brush the adhesive glue over dry lips and wait for it to get clear (about 1 minute although the back of the pack advises 2 mins). Then you just press the foil onto the lips and peel it off quickly. If you miss any sections on the first application you can go over it again with a small patch of the foil.

Road tested: Rock Beauty Lip Rock Metallic Lip Foils | lip service feature beauty 2  pictures

Once the glue dried the foil was properly stuck on and would not budge! I did start to have a mini panic attack when it wasn't coming off, but after trialing several makeup removing products I found the best thing to use was a gentle scrub serum followed by an oil cleanser to get rid of all the foil residue.

Road tested: Rock Beauty Lip Rock Metallic Lip Foils | lip service feature beauty 2  pictures


I'd definitely don this look for a dress up party or themed night in the clurrrrbs. It's a great idea and something a little out of the ordinary for wannabe divas who are craving a bit of spotlight. And to all you stylists and photographers out there, this is ideal for an epic editorial spread. The fact that it won't even flake off even with food and drink makes it perfect for a night out or twelve hour photo shoot!

Road tested: Rock Beauty Lip Rock Metallic Lip Foils | lip service feature beauty 2  pictures


Lip Rock Metallic Lip Foils, $5.50, priceline.com.au

By Adriana Maiolo

Would you give these Rock Beauty Lip Rock Metallic Lip Foils a go? Tell us in the comments below!

King of the jungle: Cat climbers to keep your feline friend entertained | home sweet home lifestyle galleries feature  pictures

King of the jungle: Cat climbers to keep your feline friend entertained

I hate my cat. Well, if we're getting technical it's my housemate's cat. I don't hate her in a super mean way or anything, I mean I'm not the type of person to kick a cat or anything, we just have an unspoken agreement that we're not friends unless it is really cold and she needs to use me for my body heat. As a kitten the cause was her just generally being mean towards me (swiping at me from the back of the couch as I walked past or attacking my ankles from underneath the couch), but lately my annoyance with her stems more from her new favourite game which involves coming in through her cat door and then insisting that we let her outside. Fine the first time, 30 minutes later not so much. It also works the other way; occasionally we'll just hear a crashing or a rattling at our screen door and will open it to find that she's climbed to head height (and has completely ruined the door in the process).

WANT MORE? If you liked these cat climbers then give your fish some loving with these cool fish bowls.

The thing with cats is that while they tend to spend a large majority of their time just lounging around, they also have a lot of that 'jungle cat' energy to burn so if you don't give them an outlet for the energy and somewhere for them to flex their claws you'll find yourself with ripped curtains and probably a few dead birds. These cat climbers give your cat somewhere to play or rest if they so desire. Now if only there was a way to get our cat to lose interest in the 'meowing at the door then running in the opposite direction when you come to open it for me' game.

Image courtesy of catsplay.com

What do you think of these cat climbers? Tell us in the comments below!

Sneaker street style: How to up your sneaker game 3 ways | what to wear fashion daily uncategorized sole mates feature fashion daily casual friday  pictures

Teaming trainers with a midi skirt, Original Adidas with drainpipe skinnies and Nikes with culottes has never been more on point. Whatever your sneaker flavour, we have you covered. With three different street style looks rocking the sneaker, you're sure to find your Cinderella match!

Leather x denim: Simple and effective. Long time love birds — leather and denim — introduce a third wheel, the blue suede shoe. It's got pizazz and a little athletic attitude and it's goddamn comfortable.

SHOP IT: Pieces Essa Bag in Black, GBP32, pieces.com, Michael Michael Kors Two Tone Shirt, $207, farfetch.com, Belstaff Bi Stretch Skinny Pant in Black, $267.29 farfetch.com, New Balance Shoes 574 Womens in Navy Blue VIP, $109.95, hypedc.com

Monochrome: You ain't never seen monochrome like this. City chic style with trousers and a blazer are brought down a peg with a relaxed fit white tee and some knock-out numbers on your hooves — the Original Adidas 80's.

SHOP IT: Forever New Jemima Lace Insert Tee in White, $69.99, forevernew.com.au, Forever New Maddie Tuxedo Pants in Black, $79.99, forevernew.com.au, H&M Shoulder Bag, $29.95, hm.com/au, Adidas Originals Superstar 80's in White/Black, $130.00, theiconic.com.au

Manstyle: Oversized coats in neutrals are huge this season, so why not pair the two and create a more urban feel to your Winter threads with all white kicks? It revamps the traditional boot, jean and coat combo!

SHOP IT: Navy Cashmere Beanie Hat, GBP55.00, black.co.uk, Monochrome Print Throw On Coat, GBP75.00, topshop.com, Witchery Contrast Stripe Pant, $119.95, witchery.com.au, Nike Women's Air Force 1 Low Basketball Shoes in White, $84.99, finishline.com


Images & outfit inspiration courtesy of Christine R., Sincerely Jules & Victoria Tornegren

What do you think of these sneaker street style looks? Tell us in the comments below!

Real Girl Beauty: 5 minutes with Beauty Editor Leigh Campbell | feature beauty tips beauty 2 beauty 2  pictures

If you've been a diehard Cosmo Mag fan since the get-go, then chances are you know who the gorgeous Leigh Campbell is. The talented Cosmopolitan Beauty Director is a primping force to be reckoned with, combining wit, talent and uber intelligence with her love of all things skincare, cosmetics and fragrances. The result? The loveliest in-the-know lass ever there was!

Need some beauty advice or inspo? She's your go-to chick. Want to have a bit of a giggle and stalk? Her insta page is pouring with glimmery bits of awesomeness for you to swallow up. Feel like picking her brain? Read on!

1. Can you chat a bit about your career as a Beauty Editor so far?

I've been in publishing for over ten years, having started out at Shop Til You Drop magazine when it launched. Cosmopolitan magazine has been my home for the past seven years, where I am the beauty director.

2. What are your top 5 can't-live-without beauty products? 

- Brow wax. Filling in my brows is pretty much my number one priority every day.

- A quality face oil. It's all I use to hydrate my skin at night and also remove my makeup.

- Concealer. A thick one on spot and an illuminating one under my eyes and I can go without foundation.

- Dry shampoo. I wash my hair every day, but still use it for subtle styling.

- Fragrance. Because smell is such an emotive sense.

3. What's your favourite hairstyle to rock during the week?

I've recently switched from a middle part to a side part (ground-breaking stuff), so right now I'm enjoying that while I play with texture; some days straight, others wavy. It's a wild ride!

4. How do you keep your skin in shape?

Whether or not my skin is in shape is a matter of opinion. I have PCOS, so suffer the breakouts as one of the symptoms. I also have pretty severe pigmentation from years in the sun, topped up by a few months in Croatia last year. So I don't have perfect skin. I swear by face oils, though — they helped enormously to clear up my breakouts and regulate my oily skin. Oil fights oil!

5. Which beauty secret do you swear by?

Facial massage. A few quick minutes (in conjunction with an oil or cream) will have you glowing like you just had a professional treatment.

6. What's the best beauty advice you've ever been given?

Listen to your body. If your skin is reacting, your nails are weak or your hair is snapping, it's likely your body is trying to tell you something. Look at your diet, lifestyle, and stress levels, and then adjust accordingly. Don't just use a product (or worse, a medication) to mask the issue.

7. How do you unwind on the weekends?

I love doing nothing. Like, literally, nothing. My week is always flat out with launches and functions (to which I wear heels and uncomfortable clothing), so I love to be barefoot and fresh faced. I don't watch TV, so I like to stay in bed and read. Or cook and eat with my partner. Ideally if I don't have to change out of my trackies, I'm happy. I'll change into gym gear at a stretch.

8. Describe a typical working day.

Up at 5 am to train. I train at Damien Kelly Fitness Studio (there are two gyms, I go to the Bondi Junction location). It's the best training environment I've ever worked out in. Exercise is paramount for my mental state. Home at 7 am to have a shake with my boyfriend where we discuss our day ahead and I pack his lunch (I love that part). Shower and get ready 7.30-8ish and off to the office or a breakfast meeting. I like to get a PR catch up done first thing so I can hit the ground running when I get to my desk. 9 am-6 pm – back and forth from Cosmo HQ (a busy and inspiring office of lots of young, hardworking women), and various product launches, meetings, shoots, etc. 6pm – I try to leave the office on time as I believe in working smart, not long. Work life balance is very important. Often, though, there might be a launch after hours (generally reserved for a fragrance or big skincare launch as PRs thankfully respect our personal time). Evenings I either catch up for a meal with friends or cook at home. 8.30 – bed. Yep, I'm a nanna! I read a lot and don't watch TV so I climb into bed and either read, or do a crossword, then lights out.

9. Favourite fragrance? What does it remind you of?

Youth Dew. Because my mother wore it when I was young and I would watch her get ready to go out. I thought she was the most beautiful and glamorous woman I'd ever seen. And she was.

10. If you could wear one colour of polish for the rest of your life which would it be and why?

Beige. It's classic. Feminine without being girly, and goes with everything.

11. Walk us through your daily makeup application.

I let my skincare do its thing for a few minutes before swiping on a mineral foundation. I'll only use mineral as all other foundations make me break out. Then I fill in my brows (wax and then powder) and prime my lids (though I don't often wear shadow, but eyelids are notoriously oily so I prime them regardless). I apply liner and mascara (and some days false lashes cause I'm addicted). I conceal under the eyes and any spots, and then brush bronzer all over. Lip balm. Lots and lots of lip balm. That's it for an average work day, and takes about 10-15 minutes.

12. Who inspires you?

I always find this question a bit strange. No one really inspires me. ‘To be inspired by’, to me, indicates you want to copy or emulate someone. I admire different people, like one of my girlfriends who is a single mother, a PR superstar and a caring human who is always immaculately groomed. I admire my folks who have been married 49 years. There is something, or several things, in everyone who is close to me that I admire. That's why they are in my life. Those things don't necessarily inspire me, but I recognise them all the same.

13. What's the best thing about being a Beauty Editor?

The constant and relentless stream of cupcakes.

14. Favourite celebrity hunk?

I'm not allowed to say Chris Brown because he is a bad man, so I'll say Tupac.

15. If you could be any superhero who would it be and why?

She-ra Princess of Power. Because she’s a powerful princess with a mad rig, and He-man is really hot.

Got a question for Leigh? Ask away in the comments below!

Workwear style inspiration: The 15 looks to kick Mondayitis | how to wear galleries featured hp main feature fashion daily  pictures

Last night I set my alarm 15 minutes later than usual (my time allowance for Instagram scrolling). Well, I woke up to my alarm and subconsciously swiped the screen and went back to sleep (I'm OCD this just doesn't happen). I awoke 30 minutes later with a whopping 20 minutes to get ready ... impossible (I thought) but I grabbed an outfit I wore Saturday night still hanging on my chair and out the door I went.

I really feel for my corporate peeps, having to be creative within restrictions. Whether you're casual or corporate we could all use some workwear style inspiration to get us through the week. My aim this week is to lay out my clothes the night before to save myself time and thank my past self for being so goddamn organised!

Image courtesy of lookbook.nu

Which workwear style inspiration look is your fave? Tell us in the comments below!

Lunch club: Super easy broccoli salad recipe | lifestyle feature recipes  pictures

Lunch club: Super easy broccoli salad recipe

I'm told by my parents that growing up I was a very picky eater. I generally counter with on a tongue in cheek insult about the state of my mum's cooking and it's fairly safe to say these conversations usually end with a pillow being thrown at my head and a few eye rolls. But if there's one thing I've always loved it's broccoli. I remember being excited to eat the 'mini trees' and making little forests on my plate, so to this day eating broccoli still fills me with joy (oh, also because I think broccoli tastes delicious!).

WANT MORE? If you like this broccoli salad recipe then check out more of our lunch club here.

This broccoli salad is super quick and easy to make (well, if you don't have a food processor it will take a little bit longer) and makes enough for several lunches. It's always a hit when having people over for dinner or when you need to think of a salad to take to a BBQ. But best of all, it lasts in the fridge and doesn't get any less delicious after a few days. It is adapted from a recipe from Smitten Kitchen with a few minor tweaks thrown in.


  • 2 heads of broccoli
  • 1/2 cup sliced almonds, toasted
  • 1/3 cup dried cranberries, chopped

Buttermilk Dressing

  • 1/2 cup buttermilk, well-shaken
  • 1/3 cup mayonnaise
  • 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1/2 small red onion, very finely sliced


  1. Prepare your broccoli. For me, that means breaking it down into small enough pieces to fit into my food processor slicer. I also cut the outside off the broccoli stem and slice them up in ye old food processor as well (that's where all the best flavour is!). If you don't have a food processor, you can use a mandoline or just finely slice them.
  2. Combine the broccoli with the almonds and cranberries (you can leave them whole but I like to give the cranberries a quick chop just so they're closer in size to the almonds) and give a little toss.
  3. Whisk together all the ingredients for the buttermilk dressing and pour over the salad. Toss through so that all the broccoli gets covered.

What do you think of this broccoli salad recipe? Tell us in the comments below!


Turn back time: Retro inspired homewares to update your modern home | home sweet home lifestyle galleries feature  pictures

Turn back time: Retro inspired homewares to update your modern home

I never thought I'd say this, but in the right setting there's something so modern about retro inspired homewares. These days, rather than being kitschy or camp the retro feel comes more from Danish-inspired design than from orange plastic. I've got nothing against kitsch — in fact it's one of my favourite things! — but combining your style with something from the past can be tricky. If you want to avoid it looking as though you've been transported to your nan's house then make sure you combine the old-looking with the new for a bit of balance.

WANT MORE? If you liked these retro inspired homewares then check out these Winter wants.

These new types of old homewares utilise exposed legs and rounded edges to give off that vintage vibe without transporting your home back to the mustard-wallpapered world of the 70s and are easily at home under your big screen TV. Personally I love taking this trend into the kitchen with old-style cooking accessories that never lose their usefulness.

Image courtesy of freedom.com.au

What are your thoughts on retro inspired homewares? Tell us in the comments below!

Get the look: Eva Longoria Cannes Film Festival makeup | how tos feature beauty tips beauty 2 beauty 2  pictures

Eva Longoria has some major sex appeal, there's no doubting that, so when she hit the Cannes Film Festival red carpet this year let's just say there were more than a few jaws hitting the ground.

To get this brunette bombshell's flawless makeup look, follow these easy steps to fast track your way to red carpet royalty.


STEP ONE: Achieve Eva's flawless base by slathering on David Jones Moisturising Makeup Primer, ensuring it is fully blended and absorbed before going on to the next step.

STEP TWO: Get creamy matte skin by dotting L'Oreal True Match Foundation across your cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. Buff the product into your skin with a flat brush to hide blemishes and reduce fine lines.

STEP THREE: Banish any under eye shadows and even out your skin's surface with Smashbox Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer. Tap the product into the skin with your ring finger until fully blended.

STEP FOUR: Contour the underside of the cheekbones with a swish of NARS Laguna Bronzing Powder to impart the perfect sunkissed, matte finish.

STEP FIVE: Now to the eyes. Wash a shimmery taupe shadow across the base of your eyelid, then use a small angled brush to blend the shadow deep into the crease of your eye and just under the lower waterline. Reach for L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche L'Ombre Pure Eyeshadow palette to achieve this look.

STEP SIX: Trace along your upper and lower lash lines with a jet black eyeliner such as L'Oreal Paris Superliner Black Lacquer.

STEP SEVEN: Coat your upper and lower lashes with L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara. Two coats will give you a slightly heavier look and are way less fiddly than using false eyelashes.

STEP EIGHT: Fill in brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel to fill in sparse areas and tame any strays.

STEP NINE: Keep it sophisticated with a swipe of L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Toffee Lipstick across your lips. A dab of lip gloss to the middle of your lower lip will project the illusion of fuller lips.

Now team your makeup with a messy fishtail braid a la Eva and you're ready to hit the town in superb Cannes style!

Image courtesy of Getty Images for L'Oreal Paris

Digging this Eva Longoria Cannes Film Festival makeup look? Tell us in the comments below!

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