Testers needed: Colgate Optic White Toothpaste

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Testers needed: Colgate Optic White Toothpaste | test me feature beauty 2  picturesWant to try some amazing beauty goodies? Well, you're in the right place. Register your interest for this DDG Trial Team below, and you could be receiving some gorgeous beauty prodz to test and review in your postbox very soon.

Here's what needs testing this week: Colgate Optic White Toothpaste

Price: RRP$5.99

Brand: Colgate Optic White Toothpaste

What is it?

The must-have toothpaste for your daily beauty regime.

With regular use, this revolutionary whitening toothpaste containing the whitening ingredient that dentists use (although the formula has a lower 1% peroxide formula to make it suitable for everyday use):

  • Goes beyond surface stain removal to deeply whiten teeth
  • Removes stains ordinary toothpastes don't
  • Whitens teeth by 3 shades (after 4 weeks use)

Plus, its special enamel safe formula provides all of the benefits of standard fluoride toothpaste for daily use.

Testers will be required to submit before and after photos of the progress of the whitening toothpaste so please only apply if you're happy to do this!

You can win a Style Your Smile beauty pack thanks to Colgate Optic White before 9th November. To enter, take a photograph of yourself showing your Optic White smile and upload the photograph including the hashtag #OpticWhiteSmile to the Optic White Australia Facebook page. Head here for all the terms and conditions.


Here's how you get to test it:

1 - Make sure you are signed in (or you won't see the form below).

2 - Quickly, quickly fill out the form, and we will select 5 eligible submissions at random for this week's testing panel.

3 - Once we have all five sets of details, we'll get the products and further instructions on their way out to you.

You must be a member of DDG to be added to the Trial Team

Here are a few other important bits and pieces you should know:

1 - You have to be a signed in member of DDGD to be a tester.

2 - You have to live in Australia to be able to be a tester.

3 - You must have at least 300 DDG$ to be selected for this trial team.

4 - You have to submit your review within 5 days of receiving the product (or you won't be able to do any more testing, swag claiming, or anything else fun on DDGD).

5 - As well as scoring some fab freebies, you also get DDG$20 for submitting a review


Web want: Queen Beyonce nail decals | nail it feature beauty trends 2 beauty 2  pictures

Boring nails? Put a Yonce on it — quite literally. Yes indeedy, you can now whack Bey Bey onto your claws thanks to a set of flawless nail decals by talented artist Sara M Lyons for Emerging Thoughts. Each pack contains 42 decals, with 21 different designs including Jay Z's mug, 'Bow Down' (bitches) and a few signature icons from Beyonce's most famous film clips. There's even a #surfbort! Genius.  

So what are you waiting for? Go and get a pack of these babies, FAST! I mean, why wouldn't you want Queen B staring up at you? It's all you really need to run the world (GIRLS!). Okay, I'll stop.

Web want: Queen Beyonce nail decals | nail it feature beauty trends 2 beauty 2  pictures


Emerging Thoughts Queen Beyonce Nail Decals, $11, emergingthoughts.com

Will you be upgrading your nail game with Beyonce digit decorations? Tell us in the comments below!

In the bag: 15 Spring bag styles to snatch up now | galleries feature fashion daily bag ladies  pictures

With George Clooney hitched and Ryan Gosling fathered it's a classic case of where has all the good arm candy gone. Well file this under: hunk substitute. Seeing as linking arms with Dave Franco isn't plausible (I'd spread him on a cracker ... ah hem), why not fill that empty hand with a new season clutch or link arms with an OTT tote or snuggle with carry on luggage?

Want more arm candy? Click here.

There's no judgement here when it comes to filling the void with this season's third best accessory (after the above). Whether you want to ride the trend train and opt for a fringed bag or would rather opt for a novel clutch (personality takes compacted square form), whatever your style and whoever your celebrity clutch, it's time to move on to prettier hand-stitched pastures.

Image courtesy of Zina CH

Which Spring bag styles are you lovin'? Tell us in the comments below!

We love vintage denim and considering Jeanswest kicked off our love of jeans way back when (40 years ago to be exact - but who's counting), this homegrown label offers so much more than killer denim pieces. This week I scoped the new Spring styles dropping now and found the five best printed, boho and easy-breezy buys you won't be able to resist!

Australian fashion guide: Our five fave picks from Jeanswest | feature fashion news fashion daily daily want daily love  pictures

This dress was made for day to night antics! Whether you pair it with boots for festival days or a pair of wedges for balmy nights on the town, I'm lovin' the multiple straps and v-neckline — oh so flattering.

SHOP IT: Zahara Printed Panel Dress in Black Multi, $79.99, jeanswest.com.au

Australian fashion guide: Our five fave picks from Jeanswest | feature fashion news fashion daily daily want daily love  pictures

Seventies flares and a hippie print are spot on this Spring. This design goes splendidly with a pair of sandals or laid back tan heels — plus the elastic waistband makes for beach to bar comfort.

SHOP IT: Bahamas Beach Pant in Teal Multi, $59.99, jeanswest.com.au

Australian fashion guide: Our five fave picks from Jeanswest | feature fashion news fashion daily daily want daily love  pictures

This all black kaftan is your beach bud this Summer. Perfect for a cover up at the beach and off to afternoon beverages in the sun. Team this free-spirited number with sandals and a floppy hat.

SHOP IT: Cancun Embroidered Kaftan in Black, $49.99, jeanswest.com.au

Australian fashion guide: Our five fave picks from Jeanswest | feature fashion news fashion daily daily want daily love  pictures

Finally a beach bag that looks the part while being practical! Not only does it have a nifty zip to keep the sand-in-the-bag drama to a minimum, but the handy compartments help keep sunblock from exploding all over everything ... oh, the joys of a day at the beach.

SHOP IT: Salvador Beach Bag in Natural Multi, $39.99, jeanswest.com.au

Australian fashion guide: Our five fave picks from Jeanswest | feature fashion news fashion daily daily want daily love  pictures

Where would a stinking hot day be without a chilled out playsuit? A bright print and cute back design make this all-in-one a hole in one (a-thank-you).

SHOP IT: Katerina Printed Playsuit in Black Multi, $59.99, jeanswest.com.au

What do you think of this week's Australian fashion guide? Which Jeanswest piece is your pick? Tell us in the comments below!

Wild & free: How to take care of curly hair | hair styles beauty 2 galleries feature beauty 2  pictures

Curly-haired babes should know that taking care of those coiled tresses can be hard work. In fact, it often takes quite a few Holy Grail products to keep things in check and even then, the hair can look like a force field of frizz. But fear not, we've got all the advice you need to keep that fabulous mane looking fine.

Whether you've got ringlets, major waves, or some seriously big hair, here are a few tips and tricks to give your locks the special treatment they deserve. 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

What are your tips on how to take care of curly hair? Tell us in the comments below!

Shake it off: 9 crazy delicious milkshake recipes to try this weekend | lifestyle galleries feature recipes  pictures

Shake it off: 9 crazy-delicious milkshake recipes to try this weekend

Let's start this post off with a disclaimer: these recipes aren't good for you. Sure, they're amazingly delicious and will definitely improve your mental state if your favourite thing in the world is to indulge in sweets (holla!), but in terms of calorie content and sugar levels it's best not to think about it (and in my opinion, as long as you're not drinking these guys with every meal then you're in the clear health-wise). Now that we've got the nitty gritty details out of the way, we should start talking about how delicious these milkshake recipes are. Infinitely delicious? That sounds about right.

WANT MORE? If you liked the look of these delicious milkshake recipes, then check out more food stuff here.

The thing that takes a milkshake from a barely flavoured beverage fresh from the udder to a mind-blowingly delicious concoction that you never want to stop drinking is the mix-ins. You better have a damn good blender because you know what's amazing? When you crush up your favourite chocolate bars to steal their delicious flavours. From cookies and cream heaven to caramel popcorn in liquid form, no flavour combination is too far fetched in the world of milkshakes. Find your flavour combo, shake it up and enjoy!

Image courtesy of The Food Dept.

Which of these delicious milkshake recipes tickled your fancy? Tell us in the comments below!

Around the world in 18 cookbooks: Recipes from around the world | lifestyle galleries feature book club  pictures

Around the world in 18 cookbooks: Recipes from around the world

These days I'm far too poor to even consider taking a holiday, but even though I've started hiding all my jet-setting friends from my newsfeed on Facebook out of sheer jealousy, I still want to be able to experience the joys of travelling. If your spare pennies are few and far between like mine then the best way to get a feel for travelling is to broaden your horizons when it comes to your own kitchen.

WANT MORE? If you liked our picks for these cookbooks from around the world, then see more of our book picks right here.

Don't think that the only time you can try a new type of cuisine is when you're eating out; it's actually a really fun way to spend your home time if you're trying to avoid going anywhere. Every Thursday night I'm going to attempt a new dish that I've never tried before and I'm also going to group the dishes by country so that each month I'm exploring some of the most popular dishes from that region. You never know, you might turn out to be a genius when it comes to making curries from scratch. Get exploring now!

Image courtesy of Dollar Photo

Do you have any favourite recipes from around the world? Or are you dying to buy any of these cookbooks? Tell us in the comments below!

Paris fashion week: The street style looks to sync your wardrobe to | hot 10 galleries feature fashion daily  pictures

The pièce de résistance, Paris fashion week is the icing on the cake, the fireworks at midnight and the lady popping out of a novelty cake. It's basically the grande finale of fashion week and for good reason. Whether you're picking up your jaw from the Chanel feminist protests, the Balmain army or Kimye's multiple fashion appearances, it's the week to remember.

Want more street style inspiration from fashion week? Click here.

In true Parisian style, the streets brought about quirky chic layering, bold jewel tones and of course the effortless way the French fashion elite can make a jeans and blazer combo intimidate you like a couture gown. See what made our heads turn on the streets of Paris!

Image courtesy of Doina Ciobanu

Which Paris fashion week look is on your radar? Tell us in the comments below!

Lunch club: 3 ways to use canned tuna for lunch | lifestyle feature recipes  pictures

Lunch club: 3 ways to use canned tuna for lunch

I have a terrible habit of forgetting to eat when I work from home — and even sometimes when I'm in the office I forget to bring lunch and then before I know it it's quitting time and I haven't eaten all day — so I try to have quick things in my cupboards and office drawers to eat in case of stomach-grumbling emergency. Like most people, these emergency meals consist mostly of tinned soups and cans of tuna so I'm quite well-versed in the world of tinned lunches. In fact, today for lunch I'll be having chilli tuna with brown rice, spinach and sundried tomato pesto, which sits somewhere in the middle in terms of quick cupboard lunches.

These three recipes will give you your fish fix no matter how much time and effort you want to put into your lunch (and yes, for one of them I'd definitely recommend making a big batch the night before because they're delicious and you've got your week sorted!), but no matter which one you choose you'll have a filling lunch packed full of brain power!

Lunch club: 3 ways to use canned tuna for lunch | lifestyle feature recipes  pictures

Tuna Patties from Simply Recipes

For a very short period when I was about 12 my mum would make these delicious tuna patties for dinner during Summer (although ask her about it now and she denies ever having made a tuna patty in her life!) and they've always stuck with me as a super easy recipe that tasted delicious too. This recipe packs the flavour in with Dijon mustard, lemon juice and hot sauce to name just a few ingredients.

Lunch club: 3 ways to use canned tuna for lunch | lifestyle feature recipes  pictures

Tuscan Tuna and White Bean Salad from Bev Cooks

If you're wanting to stick to salads for your lunches but find that just veggies don't keep you full, then you're going to love this salad recipe. Not only is tuna a filling protein that makes you smarter (or at least helps your brain to function at its highest capacity) but the addition of white beans means there's another ingredient that will help keep you fuller for longer (which means no reaching for that 3 pm chocolate fix).

Lunch club: 3 ways to use canned tuna for lunch | lifestyle feature recipes  pictures

Creamy Avocado Tuna Sandwich from Give Recipe

We all love a little avocado when it comes to our lunches (as evidenced by your love of last week's lunch club!) and for some people it's just not lunch time unless you're eating a sandwich — and that's totally okay. This creamy avocado sandwich is kind of like the tuna salads you used to see back in the day that were packed full of mayo, except that this lighter version replaces the mayo with avocado and tangy lemon for a hit of freshness. It's the most filling thing you can pack between two slices of bread!

How do you like to use canned tuna for lunch? Tell us your recipe in the comments below!

New & Noteworthy: 12 beauty newbies deserving of your love | galleries feature beauty trends 2 beauty news beauty 2  pictures

In the lead up to the most busiest time of the year (Spring Racing Carnival, Christmas, your dog's fifth birthday), this gorgeous slew of newbies will have you looking fresh and smelling just as good.

There's everything from multi-tasking base prods that give a whole new meaning to the word 'flawless', skincare gems that will have your dermal layers Summer-ready in a snap and even groomers for the lads. Tick, tick and tick!

 Which of these beauty newbies do you have a crush on? Tell us in the comments below!

Horror homewares: Halloween decorations you can get away with all year long | home sweet home lifestyle galleries feature  pictures

Horror homewares: Halloween decorations you can get away with all year long

While Halloween isn't that big of a deal here in Australia (where the only people who really celebrate it are small children who can get away with trick or treating even though most households aren't prepared for it) the popularity of Halloween parties has started to pick up steam in recent years (I've been invited to four this year!). This is probably due the my super scientific theory that obscure costumes make a party at least 20% more fun, which is especially important if you're preparing for your party to suck.

WANT MORE? If you liked the look of these Halloween decorations, then check out more homewares stuff here.

If you're holding the hosting end of the Halloween stick this year then deciding how to decorate your abode in the spookiest manner possible must be forefront of the brains you're carrying in your hand. Sure you could buy a whole bunch of the super cheap pumpkin decorations that you find at any $2 store and be done with it, but then you're just going to throw them all in the bin the next day which is a major waste of money. Go for a more sophisticated spook-fest this year with homewares that have a spooky feel (and yes, prepare yourself for a fair amount of skulls coming at ya!) but that won't make your house feel too tacky if you decide not to pack them away until next year.

Image courtesy of Mod Cloth

What are some of your favourite halloween decorations? Tell us in the comments below!

Get the look: Kendall Jenner | how tos feature beauty tips beauty 2 beauty 2  pictures

Kendall Jenner — no longer just the half sister of the wham-bam-glam Kardashians. Recently she's been seen strutting her stuff on the fashion stages of the world and is staking her claim as the next 'IT girl', and we'll admit, we're a little smitten. Her signature makeup look is understated and refined, and today we're teaching you how to master Kendall's red-carpet-ready nude lip and winged liner.


1. The first and most critical step of the entire makeup process is to apply a primer which will improve the overall quality of your skin and ensure that your makeup lasts longer. Smooth on a pea-sized amount of Ulta3 Perfect Balance Primer all over and wait at least a minute for it to absorb fully.

2. Cover up any dark circles or imperfections with L'oreal Infallible Concealer. Use your ring finger for a lighter touch to tap on the product and blend into the skin.

3. Using a beauty blender sponge, apply a small amount of Covergirl Trublend Foundation to the centre of your cheeks and forehead. Evenly distribute the liquid over the face toward the hairline in a dab and rolling motion with the sponge. This will create a more even, seamless finish.

4. Complement the foundation coverage with Covergirl Trublend Pressed Powder to control excess shine and mattify the skin. Apply powder in a circular motion using a velour puff brush, then starting on the apples of your cheeks, use the side of your powder brush and roll outward toward the hairline to remove excess.

5. Liven up your face with L'oreal True Match Blush. Brush it sparingly along the apples of the cheek, using the center of your eye as a guide for your starting point. The upward sweep has a slimming effect on the face, and we ain't complaining about that!

6. Now for the eyes. To recreate the perfect cat eye using M.A.C Fluidline Eye Liner, begin by drawing a line (which will determine the width of your liner) as close to the lashes as possible. To create the feline flick, draw a line starting from the last lash outwards and then draw a line back to your upper lash line to create an empty triangle. Shade in the triangle with the same liner and there you have it — the perfect wing.

7. Add to the eye glam factor with Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara to make your peepers absolutely pop. Two to three layers on the upper and lower lashes should do the trick.

8. But wait, don't neglect the brows! With Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brow Pencil, use short swift strokes in the direction of the natural hair growth to fill in and groom your arches.

9. The final step is to perfect your nude, semi-matte pout to counteract the dramatic effect of your blinkers and avoid the over-done look. Apply Rimmel Colour Rush Lip Balm in Drive Me Nude to the lips. Two layers will see you through the evening and then some.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

By Belinda Mascia

Thoughts on Kendall Jenner's makeup look? Tell us in the comments below! 


Applesinth cocktail recipe: Its happy hour at DDG! | lifestyle feature recipes  pictures

Applesinth cocktail recipe: It's happy hour at DDG!

Absinth is one of those alcohols that has such a strong reputation that most of us have probably never had a sip of any version of the stuff (of which there are many!) and so our ideas on the green drink are formed mostly by movies (Kylie Minogue as the Green Fairy in Moulin Rouge, anybody?). The super high alcohol content is the drink's most notorious feature, which is probably why the drink was a favourite of Vincent van Gogh, Ernest Hemingway and Johnny Depp (he even drinks it in From Hell) to name a few. My first experience with the potent green drink was in an absinth bar in Barcelona where they give you a shot of absinth in a large glass, a sugar cube and a bottle of water with a hole in the top. The idea was to melt the sugar cube with the water and then drink the mixture — and it was surprisingly delicious.

WANT MORE? If you liked the look of this Applesinth cocktail recipe then check out more drinks here.

While I probably wouldn't recommend guzzling gallons of the Green Fairy, it can be used in cocktails for a good effect. This particular drink combines another of my favourite things — cloudy apple juice — and has a light taste that is easy to drink. If ever there was a time to say that you need to enjoy this drink responsibly it is when its alcohol content is 60% and it tastes so good you'll keep going back for more. I definitely recommend giving the Green Fairy a try — but just maybe don't get too carried away with it.


  • 30 ml Green Fairy
  • 45 ml cloudy apple juice
  • 45 ml lemonade
  • Squeeze of lemon


  1. Add all ingredients to a martini shaker filled with ice and shake well.
  2. Serve in a tall glass with ice.
  3. Garnish with a wedge of lemon or green apple.

What do you think of the Applesinth cocktail recipe? Tell us in the comments below!

How to: Victorian Gothic braid tutorial | how tos hair styles beauty 2 feature beauty trends 2 beauty 2  pictures

Braids will always have a special place in our beauty-loving hearts, and this Victorian Gothic-inspired 'do created at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week by Kevin Murphy and his team is no exception. The style poses a slight nod to the 40s in the shape of the hair, but the silhouette is very small and wispy, reflecting the elegant designs showcased by the designers including some standout faves like Aurelio Costarella, Carla Zampatti and Michael Lo Sordo.

Below, learn how to create this feminine mane style at home.


STEP 1: Prep the hair with Kevin Murphy HAIR.RESORT Spray for texture, and divide hair into four even sections.

STEP 2: Using a large curling iron, create a slight bend in the hair.

STEP 3: Create a middle part and loosely braid each side of the hair.

STEP 4: Sew the loose braids into a tight style, finishing with a fishtail braid that meets in the middle nape of the neck. In order to create the fishtail braid pull a thin strand of hair from the outside of the left section. Pull it over the top of the left section, and grasp it under the right section. Try to use the same thickness for each strand. Repeat on the right side. Pull a skinny strand of hair from the outside of the right section, pull it over the right section, then weave it under the left section. Keep alternating sides, weaving over and under, until you reach the bottom of the braid.

STEP 5: Finish the hair with Kevin Murphy SESSION.SPRAY and Kevin Murphy SHIMMER.BUG (and maybe a Victorian-inspired locket key, if you're feeling daring enough!).

How to: Victorian Gothic braid tutorial | how tos hair styles beauty 2 feature beauty trends 2 beauty 2  pictures

Tutorial & images coutesy of Kevin Murphy

Are you loving this Victorian Gothic braid tutorial? Tell us in the comments below!

Bargain buys: 10 swell saves under $50 | hot 10 galleries feature fashion daily  pictures

Not unlike an all black outfit, heels can pave the way (excuse the pun) for affordable styling while looking like a cheeky splurge. Obviously a pair of Valentinos are going to snub your bashed and trashed black flats from Kmart, but when it comes to a cheap heel they can often give the illusion of big spender thanks to trustworthy black and cut-out shapes.

Want more cheap thrills? Click here!

The pair in this week's gallery had me feeling like some sort of super fashion genius with images of all the outfits I could pair them with flashing before my eyes. With a classic peeptoe, ankle ties and chic cutouts, I calmly screamed at my laptop 'take my money!!!' then proceeded to add to cart.

Image courtesy of Elif Filyos

Which bargain buys are you lovin'? Tell us in the comments below!

Spritz n sip: How to match your fragrance to your cocktail | galleries smell this feature beauty 2  pictures

How to match your fragrance to your cocktail

We all know about matching your perfume to the occasion or even your outfit, but how much more fun is it when you can match your eaux with your favourite cocktail? Your tipple of choice is about to get a whole lot more exciting, now that you can link it to a signature fragrance.

Below, sift through some cocktails and their fragrant counterparts. One spritz will have you dreaming of champagne flutes and martini glasses — spritzed, not stirred.

Image courtesy of Marc Jacobs

Now that you know how to match your fragrance to your cocktail, what's your scent of choice? Tell us in the comments below!

Web want: Kip & Co X Home Republic sheets from Adairs | home sweet home lifestyle feature daily want  pictures

Web want: Kip & Co X Adairs sheets

While super girly bed sheets will generally bring up a bit of a protest from my other half, I am still hungering for a patterned bedspread that will get me excited about getting between the sheets at night. He makes it as difficult as possible, poo-pooing anything floral or remotely kitschy which made my work so difficult that I long ago gave up the fight and learned to love all our sets of grey sheets.

Brightly patterned quilt enthusiasts are probably already aware of local linen lovers Kip & Co and their signature designs. Since the start of their business (only three short years ago!) they've become known for their brightly coloured, reversible designs that are popular with adults and children alike. Their latest collaboration with Adairs sees them recreating some of their most popular prints (including the triangular "Croc" and "Matchsticks" pictured above) in all new colour ways. The linen is 250 thread count ultra-fine cotton percale, which is super soft and comfortable to the touch and will only get softer with each wash (plus, they are such good quality they'll easily last you years and years).

I'm obsessed with the blue Matchsticks design because it will keep us both happy — bright colours for me and not a petal in sight for him. This is a compromise I never thought we'd find!

SHOP IT: Kip&Co for Home Republic sheets in Matchstick (includes quilt cover and 2 pillow cases), $199.95, adairs.com.au

What are your thoughts on these Kip & Co sheets? Tell us in the comments below!

Web want: Flash Tattoos | feature beauty trends 2 beauty 2  pictures

Blame it on Beyonce. Ever since the megastar showed the world the beauty that is Flash Tattoos via Instagram, it seems we all can't get enough, myself included.

The temporary tattoos come in a range of tan-loving metallics and feature diamond and chevron shapes. They're organic, non-toxic and last about six days and look seriously stellar in photos (although, not so sure how they'd look on pale skin?). Wear them at your next festival, part-ay or beach adventure to have peeps crushing all over your fine self. Thanks, Bey.


Flash Tattoos, $22, flashtat.com

Digging these neat appliqués? Tell us in the comments below!

Broad city: 3 Ways to dress broad shoulders | feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

Broad city: 3 Ways to dress broad shoulders

While working on creating my shopping website Sizeable, I was prepared to find models who fit very specific ideas of what women's body shapes are — hourglass, pear, apple and so on. Once I started actually looking at the bodies of my friends who put up their hand to model for my site I realised that just like there is no "one size fits all" solution for garment sizing, there's also no neat little box that every woman fits into when it comes to your body shape and the parts of your body that you need to work around when shopping if you want to disguise their appearance. Personally, according to my measurements, I have an hourglass figure. I also happen to be quite short and petite but with a bubble butt so shopping isn't so straight forward for me. Since we started this post we've had a lot of requests for advice on how to minimise the appearance of broad shoulders, so here are our three best tips.

Broad city: 3 Ways to dress broad shoulders | feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

Nail your neckline

If you're wanting to draw attention away from your broad shoulders, then your best bet is to go for necklines that have a more plunging feel to them such as scoop necks and deep v-necks, as these will draw the eye away from your shoulders and towards the centre of your body. Avoid any styles that draw the eye horizontally to the shoulders such as bateau, off-the-shoulder, strapless and square necklines, as these will not only make your shoulders the focal point but they'll also elongate their appearance.

Broad city: 3 Ways to dress broad shoulders | feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

Balance out your silhouette 

If you're wanting to balance out the bottom half of your body to make your shoulders appear more in proportion, then full skirts are your best friend. If you're going to wear a high waisted skirt or cinch in your waist, it is best to go for a looser style on top — such as a cute t-shirt — as a fitted top or one with very thin straps will accentuate your shoulders. Trapeze and empire-line tops will also help to balance your body and will make your upper half appear more even than the traditional inverted triangle shape it actually is.

Broad city: 3 Ways to dress broad shoulders | feature fashion daily curvy  pictures

See to your sleeves

When it comes to the best types of sleeves for broad shouldered ladies, let's just start with a fact as obvious as not wearing anything with shoulder pads — if you don't want to draw attention to your shoulders, then spaghetti straps should be avoided at all costs since their main function is to scream to passersby to check out your shoulders. Other than that you should avoid anything that has been horizontally cut — so when looking at a t-shirt, a diagonally-cut arm hole will be a lot more flattering than a horizontally cut one — as these accentuate the shape of your shoulder. Kimono-style tops and jackets are incredibly flattering because they're designed to flare out, which will make your shoulders appear smaller by comparison (while also being crazy comfortable). The biggest surprise entry here would have to be a raglan top. While at first glance you may think that a raglan is designed to make your shoulders appear wider it actually does the opposite — the diagonal lines and darker shade (if that's the style you've gone for) actually have a minimising effect on your shoulders.

Images courtesy of Adriana Gastélum, Nailah Ali & Janne B

Do you have broad shoulders? Tell us some of your tips and tricks for dressing them in the comments below!


Nude skin is in: 8 barely there, no makeup makeup essentials | galleries feature beauty trends 2 beauty tips beauty 2 beauty 2  pictures

We're all about the no-makeup makeup look!

We've all had those times where we've gone out in public makeup free and had someone comment on whether or not we're ill. Douchebags. There's nothing wrong with wearing no makeup, though; in fact, more power to ya — you let that natural beauty shine, girl! But for those of us who aren't all that comfortable going completely au naturel, barely-there makeup essentials are the next best thing. Not only will these subtle primpers make you look as though you've woken up with angel skin, but it's low maintenance beauty prep at its finest. Indeed, there are a number of ways you can trick everybody into thinking you've exited the house slap-free, and below we show you how.

Makeup that looks like you're not even wearing makeup? Drank to that!

Image courtesy of NARS

Would you be daring enough to rock the no-makeup makeup look? Tell us in the comments below!

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