SWAG: Tan & Tone kit PLUS Tan Applicator Mitt



By Skinny Tan

Available: 3 (1 left)

The first tanner to combine a natural tanning active with natural smoothing effect.

  • Instantly bronzes and develops into a deep tan in just hours
  • Deep natural tan looks exactly like a real tan and lasts for up to 7 days
  • Natural tanning agent doesn’t dry-out, flake or damage skin - perfect for FACE and BODY
  • Visibly disguises cellulite and has a smoothing effect
  • Thick body butter in guide colour is easy to apply and never streaks
  • No fishy fake chemical smell!  Skinny Tan is scented like a natural tropical breeze
  • Naturally-derived actives and hydration is suitable for sensitive skin

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  • Miss Rikki says:

    Always the best swag is just out of reach!

  • beautybabe1 says:

    This looks like a great swag, I don’t need any tanning products at the moment, but still tempting.

  • gmeers says:

    What’s a bet even with the applicator I’d still stuff this up! I’d love to be able to DIY tan at home but I think this is one thing I’d be better off leaving to the professionals! :(

    • Beautynutter says:

      It’s not that hard to DIY tan at home, there are so many great products out there to use. I’ve tried spray cans, mousse and gel formulas. My fave is tanning mousse applied using a tan mitt for a flawless tan.

  • beautybabe1 says:

    Just claimed this swag, can’t wait to try it out!

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